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I reached target last night!!!

S: 12st0lb C: 9st8.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.1 Loss: 2st5.5lb(19.94%)
Yay, well after 8 months of following the plan I finally hit my target last night and got my 2.5stone award.:D:D:D This last month has been hard work but I know that it is now that the hard work really starts in maintaining.

This is the first time in about 5 attempts over 10years at slimming world that I have succeeded and achieved my target. For me the main difference this time has been the extra easy plan. It has allowed me to eat "normal meals" and not have to resort to eating quorn or just having veggie meals or meals with no carbs. I also joined a different group to the one I had been to previously and found the consultant much more supportive and have made some really good friends. I will continue to attend group as I enjoy the social aspect of image therapy and I also do the cash desk at my class now.

I have one question though, my consultant said to increase my B choice by one each day and see how I get on. Now the only B choices I usually have are weetabix, alpen light bars or oat so simple sachets. None of which involve any weighing which is how I have preferred it and as I was only having one B choice per day I only had each one twice a week but now I have got to find some other B choices to ensure variety. What B choices does everyone else have?
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Now to maintain.....
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Congratulations!!!!! oooo you must feel amazing!!!
i tend to have my b choices as fibre lus bar,hi fi bar,scan bran,ryvita wholgrain crackerbreads and occasionally bread.
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well done thats an amazing achievement!! :D

what about having a slice of wholemeal bread or some nuts as a B choice? im not sure on what the quantities you're supposed to have but someone will know :) you could always use a tbsp of olive oil in your cooking which is also a B choice xx
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Congratulations and well done on hitting your target! Way to go honey! For my b choice I generally have ryvita/2 slices wholemeal bread/cheese (I'm on green)/crackerbread/fibre plus bars etc. Have a look in your book and see what appeals. Well done again! X
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Wow!! Congrats!! I either have a sandwich as my HEB, or hifi, porridge, wholemeal crackerbreads, and sometimes even make a HEB cheesecake! (using either porridge oats, or alpen lights or hi-fi's as the base)
Incredibly well done!!!
Sooo many B choices to choose from. Why not have some toast with breakfast or a sandwich or a pitta bread for lunch? Ryvitas for supper maybe?
Big choices so enjoy them!
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You must be thrilled. I got to target 10 years ago and have gradually put the weight back on, all the time rejoining and trying again, so its really good to read of someone who despite struggling for some time has rejoined and acheived what you have.
Sometimes I feel determined and then other times I feel like as I have been trying for so long, that I 'll never get there but reading your post has made me beleive maybe like you I can do it.
I have 2 slices of the WW wholemeal bread as a healthy extra as I don't have to weigh it, some of the other cereals are good too, as if you have weetabix minis with raisins in you could weigh them once and then count how many you get, then just count them out each time after that.
Also I sometimes have a bag of ryvita minis as a snack or hifi, kelloggs fibre plus or alpen lights.
Good luck with maintaining! x


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Fantastic news! Well done :D

I tend to use mine on 2 small slices of wholemeal bread or oats, but when I was having 2 HEB's per day I would also use one on Olive oil. Great for salad dressings, or added to some freshly cooked pasta.

There are lots of grab and go options in your SW book so worth trying a few a seeing what you like/what works for you.

Well done again, I bet you feel amazing!


Losin the baby weight :-)
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You must be over the moon! :D


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Wow, congratulations!

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