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I really can't believe i'm doing this!

S: 24st12lb C: 24st12lb G: 19st2lb BMI: 63.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My problem is i love food and can't say no. i've been on the cabbage soup diet(lasted 1 day)
slimming world on and off and i never lost a stone because i had to eat the stuff i couldn't they gave me 20 syns a day and i wanted more and more.
i did the slimfast diet and found planning a 600 cal meal was weighing and measuring and i got too generous with what i thought 600 cals should be!
I tried atkins for a week and lost 9lbs but i couldn't stand having all the meat and you had to watch sausages and burgers etc
Then i saw a colleague in our office practically melt! i asked around and was told about lipotrim, to someone like me the idea of this diet should be ridiculous- giving up food? no KFC? no chinese! thats mad!.
But week one came and went- ok i was thinking about food....alot (more than i used too) and yeah i wanted to eat something but i didn't and i couldn't be happier!

years of 'dieting' and i've never felt like this before. I know i have to slim down to be fit and healthy and so i can see my (soon to be born) niece:D grow up and have kids of my own! maybe my subconscience has grown up and realised now is the time to act!:)

this is the hardest thing i have ever done but i'm doing it!

Thanks for letting me share.

Love Jo x

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well done!! the weeks will fly be and the skinny you will be here in no time!!! honestly is the best diet i have ever done!!!!!:D


Positivity is the key
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Hi Jo,
I am standing up applauding you, well done, you have come a long way in 2 short weeks, haven't you. This diet is kind of surprising for us serial dieters who have never quite found that magic formulae and yet here we are on a diet that doesn't allow you to eat and we are not filled with angst every day. It surprises me every day that I am still doing it and here I am over 50 days into it and thrilled I have finally found something to work. I wish you all the best with your journey, if you ever wonder why you are doing this, come on here and read your own post, all the answers are there.
Best of luck.
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Hey well done

I think personally the main reason this diet does actually work is due to how strict it is there is just no leniancey (sp) what so ever and helps people stay on track


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S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
Totally endorse what Adam says - i LOVE that this diet is all or nothing, and believe me i never thought I'd say that!

jo I'm so incrediobly pleased for your realisation!! it is wonderful to feel SO certain that all that weight that's been dragging you down for years really will definitely definitely melt away!

really pleased for you, let's get on with the weight loss :):)


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S: 13st9lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well said jo, i feel the same, i have more energy i feel great about myself i love getting up in the morning its a great feeling, wi tommor will c do i still feel the same LOL :)


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I love your positive attitude!

I'm like you, a serial dieter. In the past I've tried WW (and put on weight!!!!!), Xenical, calorie counting and others but rarely lost or lost then put on more! LT was the only thing I succeeded at and I managed 8 months without cheating once!!!!! I have no idea where the determination came from but, after the first few weeks, it was the easiest diet I have ever done - the bigger challenge is maintaining!

Good luck and hang in there, you will soon have your life back, and a longer and healthier one as well!



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Hi Yoyo

Your post was so good and no doubt it touched a lot of people that read it...because I think we have all been there and dieted all our lives, with no real results as such. Now, LT is here and boy, it is amazing.

I agree too with Adam that it is the fact it is ALL OR NOTHING. And, I have just realised why I can succeed on this diet, because that is the type of person I am...I either give nothing or ALL!! WAW...

You have done so well and I love the fact that you are honest and really going for it. You will be at goal before you know it and look back and think...GOSH, did I actually do that!

Have a great week and you know, someone will be looking at you, realising you are MELTING AWAY too, and you will inspire them to get on the Lipotrain!

Take care.


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S: 15st0lb C: 12st11.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 2st2.5lb(14.52%)
Well done you! This diet is great, it gives us a chance to lose weight and deal with our food demons, instead of tempting us with our food demons and then telling us we can't have more. That is just plain cruelty - tee hee!.
You losses so far are brilliant. Keep up the good work and good luck with next week.

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