I really need some help. weight loss stopped

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  1. dannicyde

    dannicyde Member

    Hi everyone

    Right the thing is ive gone from 12 st8 - 9st 12 by cutting my calories to less than 1000 a day but now the weight loss seems to have stopped, its really discouraging

    Im only 19 so i dont know much about weight loss, all i know if i want to get down to 9 stone at least

    My mum said i should ajust the calories for a week then go back to the less than 1000 but i dont know if this is right, shes not the best weight loss advice as she used to be anorexic

    Any help will be fine

    I used to drink lots of water , should i try drinking more again?

    It doesnt help its christmas friday

    Have a good christmas
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  3. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Hi Danni and well done for getting to 9st 12 :)

    You really shouldn't be on anything under 1100-1200 calories unless you are using a total food replacement as you just aren't going to get all the good stuff you need and can lose lean mass, which sort of messes up things big time (including weight)

    But anyway, plateaus are really common as you get closer to goal and happens to everyone at some point. Demotivating, yeah, but as long as you are dieting correctly (having enough calories, getting everything you need etc), they aren't such a bad thing. Often it's just the body's way of staking stock and figuring out what to do next ;)

    Also, when we talk about plateaus most people are referring to weight loss, rather than fat loss. You could still be losing fat, but your fat cells holding on to a bit of extra water. This is really normal and doesn't usually last for too long before it whooshes out again.

    I'm concerned for you though Danni :( Being 19 and on such low calories for your weight and age and with your Mum's own dieting history :(

    How tall are you?
    What would you say your average calorie intake for the day is?
    Do you have days when you eat more? (fall off the wagon)
    Why's it important for you to get to 9st?
    What sort of foods are you eating?
    How long has your plateau been for?
  4. dannicyde

    dannicyde Member

    Im 5ft 4 so im not that tall really

    ive wanted to loose the weight because since i was about 12 ive been really podgy
    Im a lot slimmer now but i just am still not happy, id say mainly due to a lot of girls my age being a lot slimmer

    Its not dropped for about 2 weeks now
    I usally have one treat per week e.g a curry with my boyfriend but this weeks treat will be christmas dinner

    I cant help but feel guilty everytime i eat more than 1000 calories, i know that is because i have tried dieting before and i couldnt do it, this time ive really tried and i dont wanna go back up the scales

    Thanks for your help
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Ack, frustrating isn't it, but you know, it doesn't make them particularly happy. Few 19 years olds I've come across are really happy with their bodies. They either want to be even slimmer, or have bigger boobs, or darker eyes, or bluer eyes etc.

    They also can probably maintain their weight naturally without care too much. They don't crave in the same way, or want to overeat. They can spend time on dreaming changing other parts of their bodies without having to deprive themselves of food.

    Fair enough :) I'm pleased to hear it too :clap:
    You've done so well. Really proved to yourself that you can do this, but never feel guilty about eating. You need your calories and eating too few will only complicate matters and possibly make it harder to maintain. You wont go back up the scales if you are sensible. Certainly not with fat, but cutting too much can make the scales do weird things.

    Try to eat a bit more, make sure you get a good enough amount of protein (chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, yoghurts etc) to help keep your lean mass as this will keep your metabolic rate going well and prevent a number of health issues :)

    Find an exercise that you really enjoy. It doesn't have to be the gym or something structured. It could just be dancing in the TV adverts, or walking a little more to college/work and back...parking further away, or getting off the bus earlier. Something that you will be happy to do regardless of what the scales say.

    A two week plateau isn't much but disheartening especially when you are on so few calories and trying so hard. Be kind to yourself and don't let the scales dictate your mood Danni ;) They wont report fat loss for a start and your measurements could be going down still.

    Get over this Christmas period and then raise your calories a bit and enjoy. Keep an eye on the scales to a certain extent but don't panic. They may go up just a little bit when you eat more, and then go down again. They may go down in the first place once you are eating more. The body is weird like that.

    Under 1000 cals is extreme and really not appropriate for someone like you who is already at a healthy weight.

    If I could give one massive tip for you it would be to love where you are now. I spent a lifetime never being happy; always wanting to be slimmer thinking that was going to be the answer, and then continually blowing it all before I got there. I was about your weight when I started dieting at age 17, and it wasn't until I was approaching 50 that I realised my happiness had very little to do with what weight I was, oh and neither did people care too much about my weight. It was all in my head [​IMG]
  6. D3bblicious1

    D3bblicious1 Wants to be a skinny mini

    i know exactly how u feel . i feel horible when i eat over 1000 cals . I eat a meal replacement or supplement diet shake . they alone aday are 630cals (for both of them combined at 315 cals each, milk included) .. 2 aday with 300ml milk so i always feel bad when i eat during the day but i always make sure i just eat fruit or veg .

    people would say i shuoldnt do that but if it makes u feel better its up to you .
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