I really really need some motivation!

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    Hi all! I joined here quite a while ago and have just done what I usually do and fall into my old ways :(

    Last week I joined a gym, and thought it could be a fresh start and a motivation because I want to get my moneys worth!

    But now I just have a complete lack of motivation to go, even though I know its just wasting my money! And the worst thing is, I have absolutely no excuse not to go! I have a lot of free time from uni, and most of the time I just don't do anything! I just need some motivation to go, but the gym still feels like a place of torture (watching all the other people sprinting away whilst I'm walking on the treadmill--really embaressing! :eek:)

    Can anyone give me any tips? Or advice? If anyone goes to the gym, how often do you go for and for how long?

    I know this probably seems like such a whiney post but any help would be so much appreciated! :)
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    Sorry to hear your fed up, why dont you try to focus on the reason you are losing weight. And concentrate on the reasons, taking a day at a time, we all feel like this from time to time. Just go back to basic's and really question why are losing weight and who for. Ive had to give myself a good talking to.... less moaning and more action sort of talk lol

    Good Luck
  4. vanda

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    Sorry about the lack of motivation but have to agree with elles post about less thinking about the reasons you want to lose weight.

    I struggle with motivation myself but am trying to focus on the positive reasons to get fit and lose weight and why I want to do this. I suppose it all depends on how much you actually do want to achieve your goals - have you set any? Goal setting helps for me cos you have to review them on a regular basis and can see where you need to improve.

    Sorry cant give any advice on the gym as dont go myself.

    Hope you get there soon.

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    i used to go to the gym 3 times a week until oh lost his job, take a mps with you, and do not worry about everyone else you are there for you and you only and loss yourself in the music.(just do not sing aloud)
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    hi there,
    i've done the same! joined the gym last month and now i don't go. i have a good reason to lose some more weight (bridesmaid in 12 weeks) but for some reason I just can't get going. however i did join sw last thurs in an effort to get about a stone off in time for the wedding.

    when i do go to the gym, i tend to go on the cross trainer, and set it on 'fat burn' and just go for about 30 mins and then i do some weights and then run away...lol

  7. Wanna be slim Liz

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    I joined the gym the same week i started my diet. In 8 weeks i've lost 1stone 9.5 lbs. I find combining excercise 3-4 times a week with the diet really motivates me. If I make the effort to go to the gym, it makes me think twice about cheating as then i would've wasted my time burning fat in the gym! The very first week I only lost 1 lb, I was gutted!! I then joined the gym and loose between 2.5lb to 5lbs a week. By going to the gym 3-4 times a week means I can still have a social life and drink alcohol at the weekends and i still loose. i sometimes drink fri and Sat night, but if we're out for a meal, i only drink 1 night.
    I would really struggle to do this without going out at the weekends. plus as i'm loosing weight, i can fit into smaller clothers and feel so much better when i go out! This then motivates me to go to the gym more!! One week i went 6 times and i lost 5lbs and went out drinking 2 nights and for a meal 1 night. I'm on slimming world and even though I still go out for a meal, i still try to be good eg, ordering meat with tons of veg or salad, no chips, or go for the vegetarian option which is pasta and no meat.
    I hope I've not waffled on too much, you'll find that once you start to loose weight, this will motivate you to keep going and keep exercising!!
    i also take photos of myself in my undies each week. So even though no one really notices the weight loss at first, you'll really notice your body changing shape!
    keep at it!! You could loose 2lbs a week now and be 16lbs lighter for xmas!!
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