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i really want some food!

Just stay focussed and determined about what your doing this for

It really makes a difference if you have something to eat

when i ate first time on LT it appeared to stop me loosing around 3 or 4lb in the week so i would say its not worth it


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its soooo annoying, i just really wanna eat something, my pharmacist said if im really struggling i could have a tin of tuna or a grilled chicken breast. dont really want anything, just mid games but its bugging the life out of me! x
She will of suggested those to try minimise the choice of knocking you out of ketosis

I would strongly advise not to eat anything you will only regret it imo

Just try keep yourself busy is the only tip i can give


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Tegzy

Dont do it, sweetie!!!! Honestly, you will regret it and feel miserable at your next weigh in when you know you could have lost more.

I did it on my 3rd week, caved in for a matter of half an hour and I regretted it big style.

You have come a long way and the craving will go; trust me! It did with me. It is a struggle, but just keep your goal in mind.

I know protein is obviously better than having something full of carbs, but I would keep going. Maybe grab a peppermint tea, or even some sparkling water (what a life we have :D), but it might just curb that feeling.

thinking of you, but stay strong. You have done incredibly well for such a short time.

Take care


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thanks! ill try my hardest! just not noticing my weight loss yet, maybe in a few more weeks when my clothes dont fit ill find it easier. rearanged my bedroom yesterday so not really got any tidying to do haha x
Hi Tegzy

Noooo, don't do it honey. LT is hard at the start, but trust me it does get easier, its just a mind set thing. I know, I cook for my hubby and have a good sniff of how lovely it smells, then go off and glugg a bottle of ice cold water...da dah...hunger gone. I would say also look at the inspirational slide show of all the weight loss winners and just know you are going to do it and be fitting into a lovely boot cut pair of jeans.
It's not worth it :eatdrink051:Stay strong and keep chatting!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
You will notice your weight loss fairly soon. Apparently it takes around 4-5 weeks for people to really notice, but I was able to start getting into a smaller size after week 3. There is not getting away from it, it is quick, but we still need to have a little patience or we will go off the rails.
Just look at some on here who have lost 3-6 stone within a 6 month period or less! Keep thinking of a bit further down the line...I am sure you wont regret it.
Keep drinking water and seeing this as a lovely holiday from food.
We are all routing for you.
It is difficult, no denying it, and I go through days like that, but I have to remember, like Adam says, why I am doing it! I basically want to be thin and healthy and live longer :)
You are strong, you can do it, girl! Dont give into those demons....


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Don't do it, you'll only regret it. Just drink more water, and try and think of something else. The craving will pass. I usually head to bed early and usually in the morning I'll be glad that you have resisted.
If you can, you could go out for a walk with a headphones on and let the fresh air take the craving away.

Good luck.
You will start noticing all of a sudden we all take different amount of time to notice

Remember your dropping large amounts of weight but it takes your body time to react and change to this

Am already noticing and am on day 9 lol you will soon too i am sure
My theory is once a cheater always a cheater... i just think if you cave in once you'd be more likely to cave in again. Whether that's true or not, I'm not sure - but it's kept me going for 15 weeks, lol!

Your pharmacist shouldn't really be telling you what food you 'could' have as Lipotrim is called 'total food replacement' for a reason!!

maybe crunch on some ice cubes in your next shake, or have a chicken soup for a bit of a savoury difference.

Power through, you can do it and it's SO worth it. it may take a few weeks to notice on yourself but from my own experiences you will then start getting weeks when you can literally see the difference from day to day sometimes!!


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its soooo annoying, i just really wanna eat something, my pharmacist said if im really struggling i could have a tin of tuna or a grilled chicken breast. dont really want anything, just mid games but its bugging the life out of me! x
To be honest your pharmacist was out of line for telling you this. If you are on a tfr diet you dont have anything, nothing, nada! lol

Dont do it chick! You have been so strong up untill now - its really not worth it! You will have one bit, feel guilty, see that it might not do too much damage on the scales and then before long the diet is out the window and you are back to eating again.

Just ask yourself what do you want more; to have a piece of chicken/tuna? or to be slim?

The answer should be easy!
Stay strong and focused babe you CAN do it!

How about taking measurments of yourself? I found this helped alot and i did it every two weeks in the middle of the week so if i felt like i hadnt lost anything i'd measure myself and saw the inches shrink before my eyes! Its a good way to keep you on the straight and narrow, give it a whirl :) xxx

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