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I REALLY want this....but ive been very NAUGHTY!!!!


Im going to be brutally honest

Ive had a very very tough weekend.

Ive been very ill, had to deal with some bad news and have worked two 10 hour shifts.

I got in last night feeling bad and i eat

- a big turkey steak, two eggs, mushrooms and 4 rounds of bread.

tonight i got in and had

- 4 roast potatoes, a few slices of pork, a meatball and a yorkshire pudding followed by

-stuffing on four rounds of bread and a huge slice of lemon cake!


I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo down about it. But ive been in such a bad place this weekend.

I REALLY want to do Lipotrim and give it my all but im having such a bad time and this set back is going to cause me no end of problems.

Is there any way i can recover from this?
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yes dave
draw a line under it and pretend it never happened
get a good nights sleep and make tomorrow day one of a fresh start

i am sorry youve had a crap weekend but now what you have to ask yurself is this: did eating make the weekend better? really? or did it , in turn, make you feel worse?

good luck for a new start tomorrow!
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Not to sound unsympathetic at all but we all have our problems and our stresses at work, you just need to soilder through. Why not start tomorrow a fresh?
I found over the years i often used excuses to stop diets but you chose to start LT and you are defo strong enough to keep going, you said you want it. You don't get nothing for nothing hun.
Thing is im not getting any support from my family either!
Mum tries to make me eat all the time saying im wasting my time n money etc, my brotheres just think im stuid, my dad just gets annoyed by it!

Ive got like loads going against me, but im going to try again tommorow
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ah david.....

start tomor never mind wat others say i had a few friend who were like UR CRAZY and ITS A WASTE OF TIME but i ignored them and now im in my 7th week and have lost over 25 pounds

start tomor again and think positive!!!
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We've all got loads going against us, you're not alone on that score!
And IT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY if you're going to break it!!
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Sorry but I really feel some tough love is in order with you!!
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be excited about getting thin!
Daisy is 100 % right, with Dave you have to be cruel to be kind. Yes every bloody time you come on here you've had the worse day, your badly done to, you find magic ham sarnies all over the house, and you dont cheat a little you go full on and have a 10 course meal, then come on here and tell everyone .......which I think is your way of winding people up on here mentioning all the grub, your so wet get a grip of yourself and either diet or dont diet. Just for once why dont you help your bloody self and just do it.
Hey david.. we all kick ourselves when we mess up.. lord knows i do.. but all you gotta do is think.. right.. well thats happened now.. and done.. as someone on here says.. draw a line under it.. and dont even think about it honey..
Your doing well so far.. so you had a blip.. that doesnt matter.. you recognised it.. and i can feel you're ready to carry on.. ignore the negatives people are telling you.. your losing weight for yourself.. and to be a new man..
I know you can do it.. I look forward to hearing more from you me lovely..
Loadsa hugs
Cat x x x x x x x
Hi David.

If you have time then why not do a list...

One list is the benefits of you losing weight and the other list is the benefits of you not losing weight.

When you have the list then make your decision, whichever the decision is then be happy with it and move on.

If you eat the stuff you say you eating then the diet won't work for you, you have the choice yourself on whether to do the diet or not, no one forces you to eat and no one forces you not to eat.

Whichever you decide then I wish you happyness but not deciding to either diet or not diet is going to get you nowhere.

Everyone is right here. They are offering the support that is constructive. If your family is making it hard for you, do it on your own. Only you are responsible for where you are in life now. I have found when dieting before that family and friends use the "love sabotage" without intending to hurt. They dont want to see you suffer and offer solace with food. We have all heard, "you deserve it", "one isnt going to hurt", "who's gonna know". The answer to this is easy, either use the confidance you gain from this to stand tall and say, I dont want to eat that thanks, or dont tell them. My confidence isnt so great at the moment so I have not told anyone. I just tell everyone, I've eaten already when it comes up. I normally join people for coffee at the end of meals "because of work". You can do this. Only you have the power to change you and only you can control you, no one else.
Good luck and lets stick in there, come on......
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Mummytoni it's not about being "wonderfull", I had a slip myself on week 2 and felt awful for it but I didn't dwell on it, i drew a line and moved on. Would it be more helpfull to say "oh david you poor thing having stresses in your life, i wouldn't know anything about that, you deserve that egg and mushroom sandwhich, you deserved that ham sandwhich etc etc?"
I don't think so Toni.

Anyhoo, David please stop thinking of all the things that are going against you and get on with it you'll feel great once you allow yourself to reach ketosis.
Icemoose is dead right, draw up a list and keep it in your wallet anytime your feeling tempted.

Thanks fattothin, your advise is better than any sarky comment:p

I am totally with Daisy happy and fattothin. Whats the point in pussy footing around the cheat? At the end of the David you cheated, put it behind you and if you REALLY do want to do lipotrim then carry on and this time remember that you felt lousey when the next time you are tempted. As Daisy says, we all have problems, you are by far not the only one to face hurdles every day and we all have heartd negative attitudes towards the diet along the line somewhere or another. No one forced you on the diet, you yourself decided to do it so I think a list is a fab idea. It will allow you to see it in balck and white and you can draw your decision from there. Am not saying a cheat is the worst thing in the world as blimey I have been there myself, the key is draw a line and get back on the wagon and carry on. Remember you yourself must do the diet, there is no one else that can do it for you and no amount of confessing on here about eating because you have had a bad day will make you lose weight! Why no go for it and prove your family wrong, you are only falling into their trap by eating their roast dinners! Do it for yourself man, now come on, if we ladies can do it, and usualy we ar ethe ones that have to go food shopping, do all the cooking, feed the children, now if we can do it then surely you can!

Best of luck to you.
David, i have done the same so so many times.

You DO have to draw a line under it and start again, but you have to shake the dust off too. You need to see why you ate, identify your triggers and learn to deal with them. I kept falling off the wagon - in fact i was off more than i was on. I started my diary thread and withthe help of others quickly saw that i was eating when bored, lonley, feeling sorry for myself....

If i don't kick my eating habits, i'll pile on the weight when i come off CD. I need to learn to eat to live not live to eat.

Hope this helped a little hun, and please don't beat yourself up about it. Weight loss is a bumpy journey, we just need to avoid the problems that will throw us off our path and learn to cling on a little tighter!
Love Leah xxx
Great post pineapple! You are all so right we have all struggled and we all have to deal with food every day with the family etc! If you cannot do this for yourself then there is no point as you will prob just go straight back to your old eating habits anyway!!

Besides David, count yourself lucky you're male! TOTM is a killer!!!!! xx
LOL tracey!! Yeah another contender we ladies have to deal with! At the end of the day, yes the diet is hard, but the most of us on lipo have tried every other diet going and for some this is our last option, we either get on with it and enjoy the bumpy ride along the way or we reside to the fact that we are gonna be fat and unhappy the rest of out lifes! I for one am not accepting that, I love waking up every morning feeling slimmer and and I love trying on clothes to find whoops they are now too big! You cant wipe the cheeser from my chops most days!

How you going this week Tracey? I was gonna goona go on Thurs for my weigh in as wont be in work on Fri with having the dress fitting outta town but have decided to nip in and get weighed fri morning and just stick with my normal weigh in day/time and then head to try on my beautiful dress! can you believe how fast this month has came round? I started the dress count down begin of Feb! Feels like yesterday!
Aww bet you will look gorgeous honey! You're right it has come round really fast, this whole journey for me has gone so fast.

I am totally with you on everything you said, i love waking up and looking at myself in the mirror! I actually like the sight these days and am actually really enjoying the bumpy ride like you said.

i tried an old very little black dress on yesterday size 12 and it fit! I wouldn't quite wear it yet, still a bit bumpy lol but not far off! xx
Hi Tracey and pineapple,
I have to agree, losing weight does make u feel good.
Nothing tastes as good as feeling slim ! :)
I'm on day 2 now, feeling hungry but I'm just going to fill up with water. You's 2 are doing brilliant , I bet u cant imagine what life was like b4 u lost the weight.
Pineapple, when are you getting married ? I'm getting married next yr, am I best to lose the weight b4 I start looking at dresses ?
You're right novice nothing tastes better, to be honest i would rather stay on LT forever! I feel fab! The hunger will go honey i promise, now my shakes make me feel really full and i couldnt manage anything else. You will no doubt have weeks where you are totally sick of water but please stick with it. the weeks i slacked off water a abit were the weeks i didnt lose as much! i would start to look at dresses when you feel happier with your body.

Good luck hun xx

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