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I really want to cry

I've weighed myself at home and i've gained 1.5lbs since my last weigh in (and yes i know i shouldn't, and please no one tell me that different scales say different things, i use my scales regularly)

i've done everything exactly the same as last week yet i've gained, my doctor put me on progesterone which can't be helping, i maaaaaay have an under active thyroid, again shitty... i exercise EVERY evening for at least an hour, i can't do anymore than i am doing!!!

i want to curl up in a ball and cry! it's just never going to go away :(

i've worked so hard for so long and i'm not getting anywhere!

what am i supposed to do?!
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OH and just to make things worse, tomorrow's my birthday! i'm going to be weighed on my birthday and have to tell a room full of people that i've gained! and no one's going to believe me that i've followed the plan :(


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i wish you luck for your weigh in and happy birthday for tomorrow. stick at it and don't give up because i am sure you will see results. you could have a chat with your doctor about anything that could be hindering you.
i'm sure noone will judge you IF you do gain tomorrow, it happens to all of us, the groups are there to support you and motivate you. keep strong and please don't be too disheartened. :)


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I was horrified to gain on my third week, but the week after I lost that gain and another pound. Your body is adjusting and that can take a little time.

Remember tomorrow that this is the birthday you made healthy choices and be proud!

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