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I seem to be having a baking phase.

Hi Anna

I used to love to bake when SS'ing made me feel so smug and proud when I didn't cave. But if in doubt don't do it, it could be a disaster.

I love your scrap booking pages!

Dizzy x
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There was a lady in my class like you! She all of a sudden found herself cooking all sorts of exotic fare her family wasn't used to getting! She found bizarre pleasure in all the different smells etc... I'd be happier if I couldn't smell I think its easier ( I use a vanilla lip balm which seems to overwhelm most food smells!).

Maybe you are appreciating food in a different way like she did.

I loooooove ginger cake too....

Ooohh my DH & I have both had phases of this.. warning though.. you may feel great and strong while baking but if the food is still around a day or so later you may be sorely tempted.. thats what happened to us!! hee hee!!


has started again!!
I have the same "prob" at the mo, for me its Easter biscuits and Madeira cake for the family. I mentioned this to my LLC who warned me to be careful that I was not passing my issues with food onto my family, something I had not considered.

Still, if you must bake, then smells have no calories so sniff not stuff! LOL


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I love cooking, all ways have done and during my whole LL journey my OH has been eating really well, I have become really adventurous with all meals and get great satisfaction seeing it on the plate in front of him!! So I know what ya mean!!
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I have been totally obsessed with cooking & cookery progs and recipes I have cooked some great looking meals & some have been a hit and some haven't. My hubby does not like to eat healthy:mad: but will have to get used to it!

I always used the excuse that I did not have time to cook before - but actually I am finding that I do have time and not everything has to take a long time anyway.

At times though it has been torture! as the smeall is just soooo tempting!

sukie sue

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ive been the same !!!
im loving cooking delicious healthy meals (at least i hope they are tasty:D ) for my oh and little girls , also baking bread and cakes !!!!
i ve been thinking its my need to nuture the mothering me :eek: , although im loving the smells ect , i really take a big old sniff and really apreciate how gorgeous it is :D , its amazing how satisfying smells can be (instead of an instrument of torture). if im particularly hungry / feeling deprived i take a good smell of whatever is torturing me and enjoy that as something gorgeous all on its own :eek: :eek: :eek: sad i know , but by god its lovely and has seemed to keep me on the straight and narrow (good job theres no calories in sniffing:D )


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Menus, cookery books, bloomin ready steady cook even!
Im obsessed!
I'm worried though that I am still thinking of naughty food as a treat by doing this and wanting to feed o/h up as a way of showing love.
I know I should be avoiding this!

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