I shouldn't be scared about going away, but I am


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I'm going away next week on a 4 day hen trip to prague. Now I am one week away from my final bridesmaid dress fitting for the wedding and 2lb away from a 10lb loss (which was my first target)
I am terrified i'm going to spoil it this week, I have 4 full days to stick to plan 100% but still a bit nervous it's all going to come undone.

My willpower is pretty strong at the moment which is not what i'm worried about it's more the food that will be available to me.

my fellow hens are all slim and I know the bride isn't dieting (well she doesn't need to)

Any advise would be great, anyone been away recently and still lost?
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I went on holiday to France for 3 weeks last year and at my next weigh in I had lost 1.5lb - and I certainly didn't completely stick to plan but tried to most of the time.



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Just go with the flow and dont worry about it. When ordering dinner or lunch etc , just be sensible and dont beast in. Have what you think you should be eating , a few sins here and there are not going to make you feel deprived of anything , and lets face it , we all need a treat now and then , if you are sensible then you should be fine - Good Luck x x x