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I slept-ate


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I'm serious. I actually woke up in the night and ate two bits of pizza from my boyfriend's fridge.

I take medication to sleep and I do sometimes wake up and eat without realising it. I have woken up with bowls of Weetabix next to me, bits of cheese, slices of ham and etc. I sometimes sleepwalk as well.

I realised I'd eaten them this morning when I went to get water from the fridge.

I am not hungry or anything today so I am wondering if it knocked me out of ketosis or not.

I don't know; I'm not feeling angry with myself because I wasn't aware of what I was doing. I am glad I'm back in my flat, though, because there's nothing in my fridge but water bottles.

Just hope I have not screwed everything up. It's a little bit odd. It didn't matter before, but it does now. I hope it doesn't happen again!

Thought I'd mention it here because I think it's funny, really.
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oh my!! I sleep eat! I dont think ive done it on this diet but when i was doing the GL diet my parents came down the stairs and i have obviously been tucking into weetabix with lots of milk and sugar(id left some in the bowl) i had no recollection of this! Its scary i know!!xxxx


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Nah, it was me, I asked.

I've bought it up before, it's never been a major problem and I don't expect it will be. I just mentioned it here because I thought it was funny!


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i would go to your gp. I seem to remember something on the tv about this too, and I think it's widely recognised. It would be a shame to have lost all the weight, then months down the road have gained loads back through no fault of your own. It might even mean putting locks on the doors, and the key in a different place!


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i suppose it is funny but I was just thinking it might be something you consider rather than putting the effort in to lose weight and finding yourself doing this in your sleep
It's never really been a problem; I don't binge eat in my sleep, it's usually rather healthy stuff! Hasn't caused me to gain weight or anything. I never keep too much food in my flat, nor do I keep unhealthy stuff here.

I'm usually in my flat and there's nothing here but Cambridge stuff so I'll be fine!

I think it's just being half-awake from medication. I don't really remember eating the stuff the next day, but my medication does wipe out the memory of whatever I did for, say an hour, before I fell asleep.
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What I am worried about is that the pizza had enough carbohydrate to knock me out of ketosis. What do you think? I don't feel as though I am out of it, I'm not hungry at all today and feel just like I have felt since I was in ketosis.
its hard to know some people get knocked out easily. i broke cd once with a yoghurt and 2weetabix and i was knocked out :( just drink lots of water and tell your bf to stock water 2 in future!!!

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