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i so want to eat!!!!!!!!

i`ve been doing ss for 9 days now,and i feel so miserable and grumpy.I`m not hungry,but miss the comfort of food.I`ve lost over 11 pounds so far so i know it works,but i feel like i need constant encouragement otherwise i will fail.Doesn`t help that i`m a waitress and have to work with food everyday.I really want to do this!
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Oh hun, your job doesn't help does it. Its a mind over matter thing, when you can have the bars you will find this will help with the chewing thing. I used to freeze a tetra and eat it frozen, unwrap it, leave a little bit of the cardboard on the bottom and eat it like an ice lolly, that helped with the "eating" something - oh and it took ages too x x


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Hi you need to try and set yourself small goals wether it is fitting into a smaller size, treating yourself each time you lose a set amount of pounds and everytime you really feel you going to break, when you at work take 5 minutes go to the toillet close your eyes and imagine yourself at the next goal or how you going to feel like when you go for the treat you set yourself. That may help a little.
A long the way take pics of yourself and you will be ale to see the difference from pic one onwards, keep them in a small photo album easy to carry in your handbag and don't forget to write your weight on the back. You will feel better when you achive it and not kick yourself for not achiveing it.
Good luck you doing well so far
I can vouch for the frozen tetra thingy, just eaten mine and it must have taken me best part of an hour. Great to much on whilst browsing Minimins! I do feel for you mate, food was/is a big friend to me and im still wondering what to use to fill the void. You aren't on your own x
I want to lose three stone in all,and i keep telling myself this won`t be forever.But any time i get upset,my thoughts turn to food.I think it doesn`t help that my totm is due.I`m having 2 porridges and a shake at the moment which suits me.But i have trouble with my emotional link to food,it used to be my comfort blanket.
Oh hun I know exactly how you feel. I was like this 2 days ago, I posted a I am so fed up thread. I managed somehow not to give in and now something just clicked and I feel great. Just keep thinking about your reasons for being on this diet, try to get a good few weeks under your belt. I used food for every emotion when i was happy, sad bored and so on, and you know what it doesnt solve anything it will just leave you miserable. Be strong xx


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Same here for years food as been my friend, my refuge and my solace but you can lead the rest of your life being a slave to food or say to yourself what will make you feel better a bun, a 3 course meal or the feeling you will get when you get to your goals. That's what I keep on visualizing.
Thank you all for your support,i will carry on because i have set myself goals and i will not let myself fail again.Its weird because the foods i want are healthy foods not the junk i used to eat!I`m even dreaming of them,has anyone experienced that?
I know how you feel! When I feel fed up and tired of it all, I try on my old big clothes! The feeling of looseness is so wonderful and theprospect of having them tight again fills me with so much fear that food is the last thing I want!
Tommorow will be easier I'm sure-I'm on day 6 and felt in need of food this p.m. Not hungry-just needy! Have not given in & feel much better now. Hang'on in there and your 3 stone will be gone in no time!


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Sorry you're having a hard time of it hun - The first time i did Cambridge i stuck post it notes all over the kitchen reminding myself why i was doing it. Take photos of the things you want to wear when you're smaller and stick them on your fridge.
I know it has to be hard working with food too - but give it a few months and you'll be able to enjoy that food AND be slim & gorgeous and feel fantastic that you stuck it out!
Gosh when I used to diet when working in restaurants it was hard! No wonder I never stuck to it back then. What kind of restaurant do you work in?



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I know just how you feel, and I'm afraid that I did give in and ate some cold chicken. But it was better than giving up altogether and I had been cooking for 2 days solid - Yummy things -and not one little pick!! Our relationship with food is odd, I agree so much with what everyone has said on this thread, I also find that I used to munch when I wasn't hungry but just wanted a different taste, usually strong - cheese, chutney etc., always savoury tho'. I also used to find that when I had a bit of peace ( I have a large family ) I would treat myself to something nibbly on the quiet. I do hope that new habits can be learnt from now on.

On day 11 now and been good (apart from that chicken.)
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Thanks for all your support guys,it really helps.I`ve done 2 double shifts in a row now,so not had time to even think about food.It was too busy!I work in a branded restaurant that is famous for its salad cart,so you can imagine!The desserts is the hardest thing,as we have a fridge full of them.So if a cake is squashed etc...well it can`t be sold.Now that is temptation!Felt good today as an old friend came in and said i looked like i have lost weight,which was great!

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