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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Musical Missy, 17 July 2007 Social URL.

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  1. Musical Missy

    Musical Missy Full Member

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    Hi everyone

    I've been 'hanging around' this forum for a while but although I don't start til Monday I have some questions!
    Ironically my 2 major food dislikes are milkshakes and soup (what the hell am I doing!) but I figure if I'm hungry enough I'll eat anything - especially if I'm seeing results (I hope)
    Years ago I remember sipping one of my mum's slimfast shakes and I was nearly sick it was that awful - can someone please tell me that LL shakes taste better???
    Also although I'm an absolute squash addict I tried drinking the required amount of water yesterday - oh my god how difficult is that? I managed to drink 5 pints but I really struggled - does it get easier? I'm really not sure I could have stomached 8 pints (which I think is about 4 litres)
    No doubt from next week I will be posting here an awful lot more!

    Thanks guys

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  3. sonkie

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    measure up
    I dont know what LL shakes taste like but I can tell you slim fast has improved...lol.
    I am on Cd and love the drinks so I am sure you will be fine.
  4. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

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    hello & welcome! The shakes/soups are acquired & I found that my tastes changed over the course of the diet - some I love some I cant stand! Yes you do get used to drinking water & having been on for 118 days I now find it second nature; the peeing slows down too! The first few days are tough but everyone reacts differently so I would make use of bards; blogs etc to keep you bisy and informed about different peoples experiences but we are ALL different! Feel free to ask questions; usually people about! You will loose weight (you cant not loose if you stick to it!) but its tough going but SOOOO worth it! I've gone from a size 24 skirt to a 14 since 21 March!! Hope that helps!
  5. Sammy2

    Sammy2 Full Member

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    Gosh insearch is that really the clothes size difference for you? well done!

    Musical Missy, congrats on taking the steps to join, you wont regret it. The shakes do take some getting used to but once you do you are fine. I would say the first few days the bath may become your friend (it did mine! whilst I battled with the urge not to eat) after that it gets easy..

    Some of the flavours you may hate at first and then a few weeks in retry them and actually like them and vice versa.

    Good luck on this giant step and keep on here to keep us updated, we are all rooting for you

  6. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    If you look up at the stickies messages, there is one that is called 'unofficial recipes' which has things you can make out of the food packs. I like the milkshakes/soups and bars so am lucky but I know a lot of people don't like them, and I think no matter how motivated you are, if you don't like them, you will struggle.
  7. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    hi welcome to minimins just take one day at a time i was really worried about the water as ive never liked drinking it, but after the first week it got easier i use the water flaverings they help me.The packs take some getting used too,but its worth it.Good luck lets know how you get on.
  8. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

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    Hiya welcome to Mini's and all the best for your lighterlife journey :D

    You may be suprised with the taste of the shakes - hope so :p
  9. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    I hate slimfast with a passion but find the shakes on LL to be really nice generally. Not keen on the soups I think the taste is OK but they are a bit powdery. Bars I hate. The best advice is to get a variety, try each one in turn then when you go for your mid week pop-in you can exchange any you don't like. The strawberry and banana are best if you need to make shakes up in the mixer you will be given, the others work better in a blender.

    Check on here too for ideas - I like the choc with the forest fruits water flavouring, the vanilla with the st clements flavouring is nice too. Some eat the banana hot with cinnamon.

    Regarding the water, it is difficult at first but persevere and it does get easier. I have eventually got to the point where I can drink 5 litres a day some days, it is definately better with the flavouring in too.

    Good luck and stick too it, the first few days can be hard but it is so so worth it!
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