I started today. 5ft2in.weight at mo 9.st.2lb

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  1. today my food was as follows.....anu suggestions please let me know.

    BREAKFAST:- 2 large boiled eggs.........6pp
    2 slices of brown bread...5pp
    ww salad cream............0pp

    lunch:-................half can of ww beans.....4pp
    ...........................3 small homemade brown bread........6pp
    ............................38g oven chips?????........................2pp

    dinner........................2 yogurt???? hubbies low fat .....6pp....29 points gone!!!!!

    snack...............................crunchie standard size........5pp out of weekly 49 pp.

    i got up late so i had a very late breakfast.....i'm hungry now!!!!!!!!!!!
    i need to go to shop tomorrow and maybe get some ww yogurt and mushrooms and turkey rashurs...maybe some lettuce and sweetcorn???
    How come other people seem to be able to fit in alot more nice snacks than me???is that because i like bread??? it seems to fill me????
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  3. mrs-s

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    I'm a bread lover too, I try to just have bread at one meal as much as I can because it does take a lot of points!
  4. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

    Have you thought about switching bread? Crust away bread 50/50 is 1pp for 1 slice, 2pp for 2 slices and 4pp for 3 slices :)
  5. what is crust away bread???? please do you mean cut off the crust???? i'm premusing not???
  6. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

  7. Ok so i didn't post yesterdays or todays. because my computer was down but i stuck to my points....went to the cinema today so that was hard. brought a lunch box!!!! with 2 apples, a banana and 2ww yougurt...but went to shop before hand and got a crunchie which was 5 pp and had 4 packs of velvet crunch!!!!!!!!! at 2pp each...i wonder how much would a small popcorn have been????
    I have my family here for new years day so that will be hard and i asked my husband on a date next wednesday to the cinema so that will be hard too and i have weigh in on thursday.....
  8. These days over christmas are hard. Today we got up late and i had as follows.
    i fried egg=2p.p.
    quarter tin of ww beans = 2.p.p.
    2slices of homemade brown bread=4.p.p.

    That was fine but then went for a spin to tesco and had sweet things..but i still am on the healthy eating and knew we wouldn't get to food so i had
    crunchie = 5.p.p.
    2 pack of velvet crunch = 4.p.p.
    then when i came home after the shop i had
    a ww dessert = 5.p.p.

    I know i haven't eaten well but i think we have to work around our life and we went for a 40 min drive where we stopped at the shop to get a bar and instead of my usual 8 square turkish bar i had a crunchie.
    and on the way home i had the velvet crunch 2 packs instead of another bar which might have been 8 points, and the velvet crunch was 4.p.p. for the two.

    There is no excuse for the dessert.
    I have family for dinner tomorrow. don't know will i have the willpower to stick to the pp.......my brother will defo bring sweets...sure i'd have 20 roses ate in seconds....... i got meringue for my dessert and jelly sugar free and pears in a tin.
    am i right in saying the pears in the tin would be 0 p.p.????
    and the meringue would be maybe 1.p.p. each???

    I have to see what i can eat for the rest of today too??????
    I still have a nice few points left for today and i can have fruit so i should be fine for today.......
  9. That's 22 points gone for today...if i could just use 7 more for today and none out of my amount that is left for the week(i.e. the 49) then i could use about 14 extra tomorrow. I am using about 7 or 8 out of my weekly 49 each day.......
  10. SimplyFilling

    SimplyFilling Full Member


    Just stopping by to wish you luck on the diet! And I always eat all my weeklies and lost every week. :)
  11. oh thank you soooo much. tomorrow is my weigh in day but i had a bad weekend really, with having people for dinner on new years day,,,christmas is a hard time to start, but even if i lose a half pound it will be good
  12. SimplyFilling

    SimplyFilling Full Member

    How was WI?
  13. aammmmmmmmm not great down .75pounds. i know i said i would be happy with half pound......it is sooooo hard over christmas and the new year...and we went skating today with friends and i tried to eat healthy but then they were going for mcdonalds with the children, so i said well i did well and just had a scone and a banana for breakfast so i will have mcdonalds, can't be that much and had a crunchie on the drive home with the children, until i came home and saw the points!!!!!!!!
    so now i am thrown out for the whole week!!!!!
  14. ok so in detail today here goes have to be honest.
    breakfast brown scone 6.p.p.????
    flora on scone 2.p.p.
    black coffee with candarel 0
    and i bought a banana with it which i never do 0.p.p.

    then mcdonalds!!!!!!!
    large chicken legend 15.p.p.!!!!!!!!!!!
    large fries 13.p.p.!!!!!!!!!!
    diet coke
  15. I typed a thread but it didn't save it... i couldn't be bothered typing it all again to make a long story short i had 2 pack of ww hula hoops after that at 2.p.p. each, 1 banana, 2 satsumas, and 2 small apples.
    my whole week is messed up now because i only have 33 left out of my weekly points and i need like 7 or 8 for each day for my snacks.
    i had a crunchie on the way home in the car and that was 5.p.p.
    i didn't realise until i got home how many points were in the mcdonalds...... and then it was 5.p.m when i got home and the munchies set in after a while, hense the fruit and then the ww hula hoops
  16. Ok so i am struggling away. having fruit etc alot but having the odd kimberley biscuit which i think has a pp value of 2???? well i hope so. the choc one seems to be 3 pp. well the tin of them is gone now thank god.
    Children back to school today...taking down the christmas things is a work out in itself.
    Can get back to some kind of walk tomorrow and hopefully won't be up all night grazing on kimberley.
    Yesterday evening i was going to have some branflakes but poured the milk that was dated 9.1.13 and it was gone off so that turned my stomach.
    Decided then that i would have a roast beef sandwich and gave some roast beef to my hubby and children...was just about to make a sandwich and my daughter asked me for more roast beef, so there went my sandwich.
    Then i decided i'd have a banana sandwich instead to then discover all the nice bread was gone.
    So i had meringue, sugar free jelly and pears out of a tin.
    but then i nibbled on kimberley biscuits.....but at 2 each i think??????? i still added them into my allowance.
    Not many weekly points left only 10!!!! for today, tomorrow and wednesday...............
    keep it up though!!!!!!
  17. Didn't get to write last week but was down to 8 stone 13 pounds and 3/4 i think so i was happy with that, but have gone haywired this week..points gone since yesterday and today i am gone into tomorrows points......next week i must divide the points better...i'd say i won't be after losing anything this thursday
  18. well that thursday which was last thursday i went up to 9.0 stone even.
    This morning i was down to 8 stone 12 and three quarter pounds...
    so i am very happy with that. i went over last night by
    one crunchie = 5 propoints.
    1 wafer = 1 propoints
    2 fistfuls of peanuts?????
    and i small pack of tuc????
    why?????? because i was hungry and had no points left...i had gone over on tuesday into wednesdays propoints........

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