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I survived my first Body Pump class (just)

Went to my first Body pump class at the gym on Saturday and OMG, I loved it... that is until I woke up yesterday morning. I hurt BAD !! My body was awake but my muscles just didn't want to work, so much so that I had to almost roll out of bed onto the floor and then use the bed to pull myself up

Body pump is one of those things where you look at people doing it and think that's easy I can do that.

So in I walked picked up the weights and thought that's way to light so I upped them to what the 9 stone 60 year old lady in front of me had. Ten minutes later I looked at her and she hadn't even broke into a sweat while me on the other hand, I looked like I had taken part in every event at the Commonwealth games in in a ten minute period. I was sweating, out of breath and kept looking at my weights thinking some joker was adding more weights to the bar while I had my eyes closed straining to get them above my head.

There was even one point where she turned to me and said '' are you alright love?'' I just had to nod as I was to out of breath to talk, Then she just winked, smiled and then carried on lifting the weights like they feathers !

It was at this point I looked around the class and realised, she had the heaviest weights on, Everyone else had half of what she had and they all looked knackered. I made it to the end of the session, I don't know how but I did.

The women in front of me then turned to me and said, you done well today, are you staying for my class next? She was a gym instructor !!! I couldn't beleive it, I learnt a lot of lessons in that hour, I will be going back, but I will have much lighter weights until I get used to it. !
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LMAO! That made me giggle! Well done though!
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i was like that at my first class although i went and got lighter weights rather than struggle through. It doesn't take long to move up the weights though


staying positive
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lol that made me laugh :) i've always fancied a bodypump class


staying positive
S: 12st9.5lb C: 12st9.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol. yeah im still thinking about it..i hurt my back last year and depending on what exercise im doing it can give the odd twinge. ive just bought a wii fit board so im gonna give that a whirl
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I'm a body balance girl :) !!! The other week I had a day off though and thought I'd give body combat a go - OMG that waas so hard and I was all over the place.... been a bit scared to go back to that one, plus alot of the classes clash with balance and I know which I prefer- lol. Well done you.... keep us informed of how the next class goes!
Well done you! I promise you it does get easier, and then you up your weights again and then it gets harder!

I am a Body Pump addict - if three times a week can be called an addict!!

You should see a difference in about 4 weeks in your body, tones up some places you did not know you had!
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lmao - I remember my first body pump - I hurt for 3 days after - it will get easier tho! Good luck and well done for giving it a go

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