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I survived the pie and pea dooo...

I am well chuffed, it was a family do last night.. mainly revolving round lots of pies, gravy, sandwiches and even curly fries!!!...

But I resisted, I drank close to 3 pints of fizzy water.. (it was a long night).. and had my trusy peanut bar cut in to tiny pieces in a sandwhich bag inside my bag..

The only thing that was wrong with the night is that I had to give my drunk parents and other half a lift home..:eek:

Ahh well.. YEY!!!

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!
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Peggy McParrot
well done. such willpower. good on you.......................
Well done you - keep it up will be worth it!!

Sharon x
Thanks everyone, I know I feel well chuffed I got through that..

Now just for this evening, I've got an incredible longing for fast food tonight.. more than I have since I started, I have only been doing this for a week but even though I've been doing so well I am having such a hard time tonight..

I've been for a bath, a walk, sewed some gloves that needed fixing.. it's not even that I'm actually hungry so I don't want another shake, I've just got THE worst cravings!!! AHGGHHHHH:confused::confused:

It is very annoying.. Anyone else feeling this????? xxx


Peggy McParrot
oh yes sireee, I got my first wi tomorrow, not hungry and haven't been at all really, just those nasty cravings, being on here helps lots and lots. have a nice cuppa...............................................
Well 1 cuppa down.. and i'm feeling abit better.. been looking in the "before and after" photo folders, they have helped loads.. however it's still there!!! it is more annoyance than anything!!!


Taking one day at a time.
I am absolutley thrilled for you. You did SO well last night - you planned ahead and it paid off. You have a proven strategy and it's the key, I am sure of it.
The annoying hunger will pass - plus it's nearly bedtime. I've been hungry all night but I just won't give in...I know I'll feel devastated if I eat now.
Well done again - you are brilliant.
well i was sitting here feeling a bit sorry for my self, usual thing, husband and kids big Sunday meal, me starving, however after 5 mins of reading threads motivation has returned i will loose weight
Thank you so much lottymoo!!!..:D

I know it is passing now.. gradually.. and your right bed time is very close.. I feel the same, it is like devil and angel on my shoulders, I would feel so annoyed at myself if I did eat something now, but the thought it still in my head to do it.. another cup of green tea and an episode of 24 should get me back on track.. :D



Taking one day at a time.
We can do it. Your success last night was no mean feat. The hunger does pass, and I love waking up the next day knowing I'm that much closer to my goal. Finally!! I feel as though I have the control I have so sorely lacked for most of my adult life and that finally I will see an end to this weight. Not the problem, as I do believe I will always have to be vigilant, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. SS and only SS is giving that to me - when I eat even low carb morsels, I end up ravenous, so I can't go there again....
Sleep well & send my love to the delicious Jack Bauer!!
well i did it, i went to bed and got up feeling great.. so glad i didn't give in to temptation last night! as this morning I have managed to fit in to my skinny size 12 jeans.. something which i haven't been able to do since last summer... i feel great..

I think the 24 and a cuppa was the best idea!!!.. note to everyone, don't give up!!!!!!!!

Lottymoo - Jack says hello!!!;)



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