I survived! Yey me!


Finally...Life begins
Morning all,

Oh my god. The first time in my life I have had a late night out and woken up feeling not hungover!!

Arrived at the BBQ a bit later as had to get daughter to bed first. Hoped they might be eating already when I got there, but the BBQ wasnt even lit!

Anyway they had delicious foods laid out including seafood which I LOVE!

They have a tiny new baby, which I asked for a hold and didn't put down for 3 hours! In that 3 hours they ate dinner, and pudding and each time someone (who didnt know about my diet) said to me, Ill take him whilst you eat, I managed to get away with, no, I have eaten already thanks!

It worked!

Then When it came to pudding time they all had a delicious choc orange mousse with fresh cream and oranges, my mouth did water but I went and changed babies nappy and when I got back, nobody even asked me if I wanted any!

The people that knew I am on CD complimented me thru the night saying they couldn't have come to the BBQ if they were on it.

I do have something to admit tho, as I was holding the baby a lot, I only managed two glasses of sparkling water, so not sure I managed my full quota yesterday! I got home late, had planned to have my last pack but went straight to bed! Argh, but I was so tired I couldn't be bothered to have one!

But feeling pleased with myself and hope it shows at weigh in tonight!

Another friend of mine is leaving in 4 weeks, and they are having a meal out at our local all you can eat chinese restaurant! not sure ill cope so well with that, but he's my best mate at work! Will deal with that nearer the time!

Thanks for your support again everyone!
Well done Angela, you just showed how good you can be and the pay off will be on the scales tonight. Brilliant, you must be really chuffed with yourself!
Well done Angela!! Bet you never imagined you could be that strong!
It'll pay dividends on the scales later and you'll be glad you stuck to your guns. It's now the day after the event and I bet you're not feeling particularly 'gutted' that you didn't have the food .... but you would have been if you'd caved in!

Good luck with the weigh-in :)
Angela....how fabulous is that!!! Well done matey....:D
That is so great - It takes a strong woman to resist chocolate mousse. :D ;)

Well done and I hope the scales reflect all your hard work.
WELL DONE you angela, I bet you feel sooo chuffed with yourself this morning..............and so you should

Think the first time we're tested like this is always the hardest, but it really does get easier and boy does it feel good when you get on those scales
Ange, this is fantastic, well done, it must have been so hard and you are right to be so bloomin proud.
Well well well well donesssssssssss

ps, hope I do as well as you when I go out!
Well done, you have every right to feel you have achieved something, another step in the right direction:D:D:D
Well done from me too Angela,

It's not easy to resist especially when everyone else is eating.

Keep upthe good work hun you're doing great.