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I think CD gives us a much-needed break from food

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Call it Cold Turkey if you want - I have come off SS and am now moving up through the plans and have unexpectedly found that I now really don't want all of the crap I used to crave. I've just had some cherry tomatoes and mange-tout peas and do you know what? I almost found them too sweet:8855:! This is from the person who could almost inhale chocolate without noticing.
I think as well as the motivation through the weight loss, CD is (for me anyway) like an alcoholic going on the wagon or drug addict going cold turkey - a complete break from the addiction to let your body sort itself out. I find that (out of habit probably) I still go 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm' when I see the lovely Christmas food ads on the TV, but if I was offered a table full, I don't think I would plough in without thinking like I used to. It's just a thought - I wondered if anyone else had found the same?
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YES absolutely. I find myself turned off at the sight of pastries in the office all laden with sugar.. ugh!

No longer interested in crisps either... so proud, but very strange at the same time...
ooh I am really hoping this happens to me when I start moving up the plans. dont want to go back to old habits. But your experiences make me think that after a time we dont rely on ketosis to suppress our appetite but our stomach shrinks and we learn when we really 'want' or our body really 'needs' something!
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I think you're right - it possibly puts us more in tune with what our bodies need rather than what we want to gorge on based on learned habits. I almost enjoy refusing biscuits and sweets now as I know I don't 'need' them and I like having power over the cravings that used to rule me


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These are very positive and helpful posts for those of us yet to move up the plans, its good to know that bad habits can be broken, well done!


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I totally agree and have always said that addiction to food and being overweight is just as hard any other addiction like drugs or alcohol and that's why I love this diet. It gives you the opportunity to have a break until you have lost weight, stomach has shrunk and you have worked out a way to deal with your food demons. You wouldn't say to an alcoholic you need to give up the drink but 3 times a day you can have a small one and that's how I used to feel on other diets, I nedded to break the cycle of bad food habbits but 3 times a day tempt yourself with it lol. I am on ss+ now and I really think my eating habits have changed for life and feel as though I have been given a second chance for my body and one I certainly don't plan on ever ruining. I love cd.
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Couldn't agree more with all thats been said. I prefer that you get the opportunity to remove food completely, so you can look at it with fresh eyes. On previous diets i would still want all the junk, and try to squeeze it in, albeit in smaller quantities.... Now i am thinking that i don't want them as much, if at all, and really want to make healthier choices long term, not just a smaller diet of the same rubbish!
For me portion control is going to play a major part, using the steps properly makes you really think about how out of control this was!
Also, just the fact that you don't have to concentrate on eating/food physically gives you more space to do the head work, which for me, has almost been more important than shedding the pounds, and something that i have never done on any other diet. Mostly thanks in no small part to minimins and the support on here! xx
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I had a planned break yesterday, and wine on Friday night. The funny thing is I was so excited about getting back onto my packs today, I just didn't get the same buzz off the booze and take-out like I used to and thought I would.
The break from food has made me finally realise that my happiness is not dependent on naughty treats and booze, this diet has made me like me again and be happy most of the time.
On other diets I was never eager to get back on track and was excited about eating all my carb treats etc, I really am so glad to be back to water and cdpacks and don't feel deprived or fed up.Cd is just so fab,I am so glad I've found it x
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I agree with all of the responses - especially the alcoholic having 3 small tipples a day. When I followed calorie controlled diets I would always try to cram in chocolate somewhere - usually at the expense of something more useful. I recently saw an old SW group leader whose sessions I had (unsuccessfully) attended some years ago. She saw that I had lost weight and when I said it was CD she said 'Ooohhh, how's your relationship with food now then' - implying that she thought it was faddy and doomed to failure. Actually, my relationship with food now is much more positive than it has been in the past
Love it!


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I have to say that I agree with all of these posts, too. I like the break with food -- it dos give you a fresh start and it cuts out the desire for the rubbish.
And, like Butterfly my biggest problem when I am "on food" is portion control. When I weigh what I should: I am a small person (5'4" and about 9 stone). So, unless I am running marathons (and I hate running), I am not burning very much fuel.
And, as for the SW Counsellor... she probably feels as if she failed you, BW.


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