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I think I did ok...


Silver Member
It was my first day on SW today after moving from CD and losing 6 stone 11 on that...

Today I have eaten...

2 Weetabix HEB
1% Milk - HEA

L/F Mayo 2 tablespoons - synned
1 teaspoon marks and spencers balsamic dressing - synned
Alpen Light Bar

Chicken wrapped in Bacon - all fat trimmed off
Butternut Squash
Red Peppers

2 Rich Tea Biscuits - Synned
Mullerlight Yog - Vanilla

I worked it out that I have used 9 syns today (I think - from doing it online)

Is this ok? Do I have to use 15 syns everyday? I have eaten comfortably today, not felt hungry, and after Cambridge Diet obv have to be a little careful also that I don't 'overeat' aswell.

Hope everyone had a great day x
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How much milk did you have? You can only have the same as semi-skimmed so 250ml.

Assuming that you are on EE then your alpen light also need to be synned.

Good luck!


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It looks like a red day to me so I'd say you had another half a B choice to use there.
Other than the raisins being synned it's a good day hun!


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woops - OK so I missed out the raisins (I assumed they would be free...) 4 syns for my sillyness...but that's ok 13 syns yesterday that's ok though I can live with that.

I did Syn my Alpen Light - just forgot to put that up above.

I did EE yep.
Today I'm out most of the day - interview and Physio eeek! So on the run much more, will see how it goes :) and take Banana/apple with me.

Have a great day everyone xx


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I don't want to confuse you but you may as well have done a red day, I can see no "green" on there! In which case you could have had 2 alpen lights for a second B choice. Up to you though hun, I hope today goes well for you. x

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