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i think i have a problem

S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
For some reason i can not get back into this diet.. but i am realy motivated..

i restarted again on thursday and was doing very well, then friday i did a t party for my dads 50th for him and me and the kids.. cake jelly etc...(gained 2 pounds) i got back on it yesterday then lastnight i ended up having 2 sandwiches sausage rolls and 2 bags of crisps, i felt so bad, and guilty i ended up making myself sick untill there was nothing! today i weigh and thankfully lost that 2 pounds i gained from fridays binge..

i do however think i may have a problem now.. that if i do decide to eat i will end up making myself sick.. but i dont want to be like this.. i want to stick to this diet %100 and get to goal asap.. i am fed up of feeling and being big..!!

has anyone else ever done this? or felt like this? :confused:
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I've never done this but what i tell myself when i'm going mad with wanting food is that i'll feel 1000 times worse for not sticking to the diet than i do when wanting food, i tell myself over and over and it seems to work and then you have to distract yourself somehow, neck a pint of water it usually helps to make you feel a bit full aswell.

You said it made you feel really guilty after you ate so just remember that feeling next time you feel like eating and maybe it'll work.

Thats how i avoid eating anyway.

Good luck, you can do it. x


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Awww hun.....I hope this was a one off, dont worry about the odd blip, just get straight back to it and drink plenty of water and the loss will come off. Have a word with your cdc if you feel comfortable enough.

Though I think if you do keep doing it you should go to your gp and nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. They will support you and help maybe with a bit of counselling.......

Take care hun and dont let a blip throw you off. xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hiya Amethyst

Can I suggest that you join the NLP Forum so that you can really start to work through what the real issues are and find a long lasting resolution.

Before deciding to join, however, have a read of the info about the forum so that you know what you are getting into!


If you want to join just PM Icemoose or myself and then you can post away in the private area...:)


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Hun, i can completely sympathise with you but if this making yourself sick thing continues you MUST go to your GP. I used to be bulimic and i know that if you don't nip it in the bud it can get out of hand. Please, don't let it become a habit. Remember it ok and natural to want food and if you can't tick to ss then maybe go up a plan so that you CAN have some food everyday, that way you probably wouldn't feel so bad after eating.
I REALLY hope you feel more positive soon. If you ever need a chat then feel free to send me a private message. *hugs* xx
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I agree with Rayven ... don't let one problem be replaced with another - it'll only mess your head up.

I've decided to go the 790 route because I found SSing - whilst a wonderful resource for many - nurtured IN ME a fear of food and fed into (pardon the pun) my 'all of nothing' attitude. I've identified I have an eating problem - not a weight problem. My weight is just the product of my problem.

So if all I ever do is treat the symptom and not the underlying problem, I'll always end up fat. That's why I've opted for a reasonably fast route that incoporates food - I have to learn to adjust my thinking when it comes to eating.

Please try not to feel guilty about what is a small blip in understandable circumstances (it's not your dad's birthday every day) but just shrug it off and return to whatever plan you're on. Guilt is a normal emotion in response to having done something wrong - you've done nothing wrong.
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I can fully understand feelings of guilt, we've all been there, but please please please don't got down the route of making yourself sick as this won't solve anything and will create another problem which is potentially far more serious. As others have said please speak to someone or go and see your GP.



Fed up of being fat
Why dont you try the 790 plan, most people find that they have similar loses to those on ss. Im on 790 and I think its a great plan, very easy to follow with one simple small food allowance in the evening. Maybe try it for a week even if to get you back in the swing of things to ss the following week again if you feel you can?
I recognise the feelings and the worries in your post, Amethyst. I was in the same place last year. I wasn't far from Goal and just couldn't do without food any longer. My slips weren't huge but I'd agonise over them; I'd begun to make myself sick or 'chew and spit' ...this only happened a couple of times but it felt scary. I felt out of control. I posted on the forum because I recognised that if it carried on I was going to develop a problem. I wanted to be told to stop! And I was.

So ... I stopped doing it. It isn't a good way to go, as we know. We have other choices! When I was at that low point, my logic was saying that if I stopped doing SS, I was a failure. I'd had the will power to do it before: if I couldn't do it 'perfectly' now, I was weak willed and useless. I was scared of coming off SS and I couldn't stay on it, either: my body was making that very clear. It took a few days to get my head around the idea that 'failing' was not failure at all - it was me listening to what my body was saying, probably for the first time in my life! So I went up the plans to 790. Stepping up from SS to 790, even if only for a few weeks, could be something for you to consider - why not look into it, as other people have suggested? I finished the diet - it took me a week or two longer to get to Goal than it might have on SS alone, but I got there, and healthily, and I've stayed there.

Take this into your hands, take some time to think. No-one's going to be there with a big stick if you decide to change tactic. I found this a real turning point in the way I felt about food, and my personal power to make choices that are good for me, long term ... I hope you come to feel the same.


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Please don't make yourself sick. Matters will become worse rather than better and, in my view anyway, its the feeling that we have lost control that makes some of us eat more than we should. I'm struggling big time at the moment and have done since Christmas. I have had a few very bad days and have put weight ON! I hope we can both find a way through it.....but no making yourself sick any more!!



try, try & try some more!

You were doing well before and you can again.. i tried to look at the time i have left on the diet, 3-4 months, and get it in perspective!! You know once your back on again you'll wonder what was so difficult...

Good luck!! :D

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