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I think I have offended my SW leader

She wants to make up before and after (during) photo boards up with class members and asked us all to bring in photos. I told her that I don't do photos have been avoiding them for the last 5 years, my mum had to blackmail me into having a graduation photo. She then said that she was going to bring a camera in and get photos that way, again I said that I was not going to be in the photos and she got cross with me. I get the feeling that she thinks I am being stubborn.
I will let her have a before photo but only when I am down to the weight I am happy with. I really like my leader but I have the urge to bunk off class incase the camera is there :(
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Hi Emo

I think you have to be straight with your SWC... you have to tell her how you are feeling and that you are not happy about what she is doing as far as you are concerned. Stress to her that it has upset you and that you are a little disappointed in the way that she has handled it that is why you have to come clarify the matter.

Don't miss a class that you will have to pay for because she is making you feel uncomfortable.... you just have to be fair and firm with her and say NO and that you do not want her to make a big scene out of this or you will be forced to take this matter higher, which you don't want to do.

Good luck and you are you and everyone has to respect your wishes as it is your life..... so be brave and once you have said No to her you will feel more confident!


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aw hun i know exactely how u feel ive been dodgin the camera 4 years and wen i started this diet i had some pics done.. :eek: not a pretty sight i can tell u but im glad i have cos i wanna be able 2 look back wen ive got rid of this weight and compare myself before and after. also be able 2 have it so i never get 2 this weight again...im sure your sw lady understands ..y not have a couple taken yourself and then u can show them wen u feel more comfy with it ..:)
I think that it would be beneficial to you to do pics before but i dont think you should be forced to share them with anyone else if you dont want to and think you should flat out refuse if thats how you feel dont let her make you feel uncomfortable about it just say ive done before pics they are for me and me only and if she trys a sneaky pic just have a go at her.. i dont like having my piccie taken like you the only recent picture my mother has of me is my graduation picture and she had to force me to have that done but i did get her to take some pics of me on the digital camera before i started Liportim, i safely stashed them on my laptop where only i can get at them i know one day i will look back n think jesus was i really that big but i dont really want to share those piccies with anyone else its not their business its just my way of not going back there. there may come a day when you think sod it will show em the world but its your choice when you do that

Gen x


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Big emo a photo is a huge deal if its a big deal to you. I'm exactly the same - I will not have my piccy taken. I know exactly what I look like and don't need a permanent reminder of it. Your SWC is being a bit of a bully about this. Its really insensitive of her. Stick to your guns and don't let her force you into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. She really should know better.
I know exactly how you feel, I was always the one holding the camera! Then I had my 40th b-day party and cameras flashed all night:( A friend made up a dvd of the pics and when I saw them it was great seeing all those happy faces until I saw my own huge face and body staring back at me. That's when I decided I needed to do something, I looked and cried.

I aways suggest taking before, during and after pics to my clients but it is essentially their choice. I'm sure your leader will appreciate your decision, however you may find once you start losing weight that these pics are a great motivation tool. I have clients who don't want to take them and once they've lost weight regret their decision.

Could you perhaps compromise with her and say you'll take them at home and they'll stay at home with you until you feel confident to share them with others?

Once I'd lost the weight I scrabbled around for before shots as I was so proud of my acheivements and wanted people to see. In the end I was grateful I had the yukky party photos:rolleyes::D

Good luck with your diet journey!!!!

Pictures are my hell, and it drives me mad when people either get mad at you because you've said no or think its dead funny to take pictures anyway. Father in law 2 be thinks its hilarious to try and take photos and i either loss my temper or burst into tears.
I would go to class and tell her that you don't want them taken and i'm pretty sure she can't display your photo without your permission.
I think I am going to have one done but ask to keep it until I feel happy to show people it. Thanks for your advice and I am glad I am not the only one who hates photos
hehe We all dislike them till we look the way we want... look at me I am a rabbit.... our cute little one though :giggle):

Good for you though... when you do something on your own terms it doesn't feel such an invasion does it.


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i would tell her i don't want to be part of the before and after board and if she's not happy then report her to management for being unprofessional and/or join another class. she can't force you to have your photo taken and certainly shouldn't be getting upset - most people with weight problems don't like having their pics taken and if she doesn't realise that then she's in the wrong job.

some consultants are really insensitive sometimes.
hehe We all dislike them till we look the way we want... look at me I am a rabbit.... our cute little one though :giggle):

Good for you though... when you do something on your own terms it doesn't feel such an invasion does it.
i love your photo your rabbit is so cute :) I think I will have a firm word with my SWC and say no, normally she is really good I think maybe she doesn't understand that it bothers me so much. Hopefully she will understand if she sees that it's bothering me


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I feel the same about photos. I've taken a before one and soon will take another pic when I've lost 2 stone. I wasnt ready to post them on here before but I think when I can say, "that was me before, this is me now" I will feel happier about showing people.


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Our leader has also asked us for before photos. I honestly don't have any, I always make sure I'm the one taking pictures! I wish they took a photo of you when you join, as when you're at target you can show off how much you've lost and also use it as a warning to keep the weight off.


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i love your photo your rabbit is so cute :) I think I will have a firm word with my SWC and say no, normally she is really good I think maybe she doesn't understand that it bothers me so much. Hopefully she will understand if she sees that it's bothering me
I think your SW leader should just respect your wishes and not push it too much! You go to SW voluntarily so no one should make you do something you aren't comfortable with.

I've read the other posts on this thread and I understand that it can be a good thing to have a 'before' photo done. Maybe you could take one of yourself at home, just as a reminder for the future when you want to look back, that way no one else gets to see the picture, it's for your eyes only!

I'm not keen on having my pic taken, it's hard to explain that to friends sometimes without coming across a bit 'uppity'. Facebook is awful in this respect, you go on a night out and then see disgusting photos of yourself on there a few days later! Makes me want to cry sometimes!


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I'm exactly the same, I get very cross when people post pics without your permission. Especially since I categorically refuse to have them taken so always get caught on vile pictures that you didn't pose for. You know the ones where you've suddenly developed a double chin with the oh so attractive laughing your @ss off face and pressed your arm against your side to produce the look of enormous bingo wings?
Our work likes to have lots of pictures taken for events etc. and I get "come on, just have a picture, don't be silly" all the time. I've now told them it's my religious belief that photographs steal your soul. :) They can't argue with that in this age of political correctness.

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Your Consultant shouldn't push for the photo if it is making you unhappy. Do you have her contact number? I would give her a call on the phone and tell her how it really makes you feel and that you would rather not be singled out in class if you dont want a picture taken.
I agree with the others though....take some at home...you may hate them now, but a couple of months down the line you can look back at them and say "I will never be this size again". When you have reached target and you can show those pics off with pride, people wont recognise you!

Take care


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