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I think I may need to go shopping


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I have spent the afternoon clearing out my wardrobe. I have got rid of anything that is far too big to wear. Which means ALL my 24s are now GONE. My 22s are now hanging on me too - but the one pair of size 20 jeans I have bought still don't do up, so I dare not get rid of the 22s yet.

I think I may have to go shopping and get some things soon though or I will have no clothes for work :D I am wondering if these are a particularly small pair of size 20 jeans because my size 22 trousers need belts to stay on. Or that might just be wishful thinking and my 22s might be a bit stretched ;)

Anyway, it was quite cathartic!
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its such a good feeling when u go down a size. im an 18 at the moment but alot of my 16s are fitting a bit better.
told hubby hes taking me shopping when i get to my goal. cant wait.
good luck for getting down to the next size. x x
Ive been Ebaying for smaller sizes until i reach goal cant be spending real money as it were on inbetween sizes

Well done on getting rid of the bigger sizes!!

There is no feeling like throwing ya big sizes is there!!! i find it REALLY soul cleansing!!!!!!

Remember to bin anything that gets too big..... as if you hold onto it.....its like holding onto the weight you had!...my friend told me that who successfully lost heaps on LL!!!
Yeah, ive been clinging onto my old 28s for the last 3 weeks, even though i could have gotten rid of them last week or the week beofre :) but i have given in and bought a cheapish pair of 26 untill i can get into my 24s, whicha re about an inch off fastening and a few more weeks till they are comfy i should imagin :(

but hey ho, i am aiming for a clothes size a month, for the next few months atleast :) so thats my goal :D

Katy x
Love cleaning out wardrobe of big sizes, problem is there is very little left! Only did it a few weeks ago and already some of the 'little bit loose but can still wear' trousers have had it. Got to get round to ebay soon.
Got more fat clothes under my bed than is left to wear, intend to ebay the good stuff but not enough hrs in day! xx
I bought two pairs of black trousers with an elasticated waist, size 16's in BHS. They were cheap at £15 each but I thought that this would be a good temporary solution to the work wardrobe (I work from home a couple of days a week so can lounge about in pyjamas).
But I didn't try them on in the store and now find trousers are quite short - I am only 5ft 2 inches and they are supposedly a standard length, not from a petite range. I look a bit like Charlie Chaplin when I put them on, but will just have to grin and bear for a while.
Might give the naturist look a shot; I really don't have much in the way of suitable clothing at present. Watch out for local news story of woman arrested on way to Liverpool Street station for indecent state of undress in public, lol!


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I don't have much left. Although I have rediscovered a pair of cords and two shirts which I haven't been able to wear for four years because they were too small and now are verging on too big! :D
I was in my wardrobe today rummaging around and found loads of trousers still wrapped up that i bought and never wore, so i hoping in a few weeks time they can come out of wrapping , or if not they will be brand new on ebay.
Ah well done guru that must feel great going down a size,keep up the good work and it won't be long before you drop another size!!
I am looking forward to throwing out all my clothes. i seem to be a strange shape. My lower half is between a 22 and 26 and my upper half is a 28-30 but it's all tummy. My boobs are just a B cup. So... once my tummy goes down a bit I will suddenly drop a couple of dress sizes.
haa I gave in to shopping and bought a skirt in a size 22. It's stretchy and I can get into it now but I will still be able to wear it when i ahve lost quite a lot so I don't feel too guilty.
It's a great feeling to clear out the fat clothes but can be a bit disconcerting...I'm struggling with trying out 'new' styles and am not sure what suits me now. But I'll keep going and trying new things.

Starting to get in between sizes too, Guru - 22 trousers getting over comfy but the 20s won't go near me yet! lol Ah well, another couple of weeks should make a difference!

Well done and keep going - you're doing fab! x
i eventually given in and bought a few items, but the worse thing is, i bought a new pair of jeans and 2 days later they dont fit me to well, too baggy all ready!?!?!?! 24s on the way!!!!
there are some really nice tops and jeans in new look, with cute pictures on for quite cheap too.

Katy x
From a monetary point of view that is disappointing news specialk, but from a weight loss angle its YIPPEE!
I am hoping that we have a wonderfully warm Sept and Oct as the only decent clothes I have are a few summer items. But will take a stroll around New Look as it sounds very promising.

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