i think i never be slim!!!

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    ANNTEXT Full Member

    weight watchers (points)
    well the title says most of it!

    i try and i have worked hard - maybe not has hard as i could of done!

    i bben doing it now for 27 weeks and should be at my target by now!

    but i let things get in a way like chocolate and drinks -
    went out this week enjoy the night - but do feel bad for it!

    but little things keep getting in the way!!!

    do any of you feel like this?
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  3. Mrs Pink

    Mrs Pink Banned

    Maybe you should try a different diet plan? What are you following at the moment?

    ANNTEXT Full Member

    weight watchers (points)
    w.w points - i doing the wendy plan - now and again too

    its working well - i just feel like sometimes i never get there!

    i know we can if we try but to be honest i hate how long it takes!
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Hang in there Ann you KNOW WW can work but its like everything else, if you want the good results you have to stick to it. Having days off it WILL slow things down :)

    Youll get there :)

    ANNTEXT Full Member

    weight watchers (points)
    many thanks - may look into core and see what i have to do - and change it soetimes for a change! x

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hiya hun!
    Could it be that the plan you're following isn't teaching you portion control, or healthy eating habits? Not sure, just guessing here. I found (many many years ago) when doing WW, that my leader was quite happy for me to have a slice of chocolate fudge cake and two Kit-kats each day, as it was within my "points" allowance!!!! Well, what the hell does that teach me about healthier eating, eh??!!!!!! I'm guessing that you know you're own personal "naughty" foods (or trigger foods) and perhaps you just have to acknowledge that you have to knock them on the head if you wish to keep those cravings at bay. It's damn hard, but if you can compromise your old habits, you'll have an overall balanced, healthy diet, that will become your everyday habit from now on. If your current diet plan has too many temptations in your path due to the " allowed" foods, then you may have to consider changing to a different method of weight loss. Ultimately, to prevent yo-yo dieting forever, you must accept that you need to change your habits. Old ways = Old weight!!! Good luck, I really hope you find a solution that you're happy & comfortable with to reach your goals!

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Gawd! Just read my reply, and even I thought it sounded crap! Don't get me wrong - I've tried every diet going before doing Cambridge Diet! It just happened to be the one that work for me, but by no means did I find ANY diet easy peasy! All I was trying to say is that there are so many options out there nowadays for weight loss, and you have to be happy with which plan you follow and the support you receive through that plan, friends, family etc, otherwise it can be such a hard pursuit that you end up feeling quite "alone" doing it, and in many cases, comfort eating because of that! Kinda defeats the object then, but so common place!! Anyways, wasn't trying to sound like a know-it-all, just understand what you're going through, and offering another view. You WILL be slim, but only when you're in the right frame of mind, and happy with what you're eating on a daily basis, without resenting what you're doing or feeling like you're punishing yourself by dieting (not giving yourself the yummy foods you enjoy). It's all pyscological, which is a bummer, very complicated, but once understood, makes healthy eating much easier!!!
  9. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Don't question yourself too much!! You are over half way to your goal weight and look to be ticking along nicely. Some people want to race through the finish line like me but some people choose to do it slower and that works for them. As long as you reach your goal weight and stabilise then it doesn't matter how bumpy the road was on the way there.

    So drink a glass of water and keep doing what you are doing and by the end of the summer you will be banging on the door of finishing.

  10. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    measure up
    Ann you are not too far away from your target weight now, do keep at it, we all know how hard it is to get weight off, but it all goes on so damn easy its just not fair.

    Keep strong
  11. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I'm with Mike here. Just keep plodding along.

    Try and work around the things that get in the way which are sabotaging your efforts.

    I know we've all got locked into the 'I'm on a diet and counting my days to goal' mode, but what about changing that to "Look how wonderfully I eat now!"

    I think you'll find the weight will deal with itself and you'll be in a better mindset to keep it off for ever.

    Difficult I know. Keep on trucking;)
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