I think i'll need help!


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I start CD on Thursday. My meeting is wednesday night and i get all my food packs and weighed in etc, but start on the Thursday. After doing LL and losing 3stone in 9weeks and finding it sooo easy i thought when i couldnt afford it that when i started again i could easy do it.... WRONG:mad:!! I Started CD a few months after i came of LL, which is over a year ago now and could not even stick to it for a day. I had lost ALL my wil power and just couldnt do it at all. :sigh:

I am soooo nervous that this time is going to be the same, as i know if i cant do it this time i dont think i ever will and this is the only diet that works for me. I have so much to lose (167lb or near to that) and it just seems sooo far away untill i get to my goal :eek:

As much as i am nervous tho, i am also REALLY excited and just cant wait to get it started with and get on with it and see the weight come off. I think i am in the right mind set, yet i thought that last time and failed. But this time will be different, i CAN do it and i WILL do it :D

I was just wondering if anyone else was starting on Thursday or around that date so i would have someone to chat to while i am going through this? I feel kinda on my own at the moment. My bf is supportive but really has no idea whats going on lol:rolleyes:. My family are not around where i live and i dont want to tell my friends lol.

I hope there is someone who can kinda be my buddy to help me through this all:eek:. hehe :D xxxx
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Hi Tasha, everyone here is lovely and so unbelieveably supportive. We'll all be happy to help you out. It's my second weigh in on Thursday (Start of third week), I found it so hard and thought I should just give up the first week but sooo glad I didn't. Confident of a good loss on Weds. Welcome and get in touch anytime xx


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I know what its like to have a long journey in front of you but if you just keep going you will get there. I've lost 110 pounds now and don't regret a single day of dieting. You can do it!


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Hi Tasha, well first thing we all need to do starting CD is get ourselves into the right state of mind. You aren't defined by previous attempts and how well or not well you did. You're defined by the right here, right now. So to me that says that you're defined as someone willing to give it a go with everything they've got. Someone that's seeking support to be able to stay on the right track. And someone who is going through all of the right channels to lose weight. So what does that say to me? That says that there is absolutely no reason why you can't do it! You know what to expect this time, you just need to believe in yourself. If you can do LL you can do CD. You just need to believe in yourself.

In my signature it says "We would accomplish more things if we did not think of them as impossible" and "Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off of the goal". Keep your eyes focused on the goal ahead of you, not the journey to get there. Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing it.

When you're struggling, give your CDC a call, or come on here. There are plenty of people here who will whip you into shape I assure you, it's happened to me enough times! So go with that excitement, forget the nervousness that says that you can't do it, and just focus on that excitement which says you can, and you will. Because you can and you will!! Good luck and keep coming back here! xx
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Good luck and I'll echo what's been said that there's great support on here.


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Thanks Everyone

Caroline your so right thank you so much, i am going to keep my eye on the goal and try and enjoy my time getting there not worry about if i fail or not... because i will not fail and i CAN do this :D

Feeling ALOT more excited now. I have just been looking at the before and after pictures thinking wow this WILL be me in a years time :D I cant wait hehe!!

This site is just amazing thank you everyone xxx


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Good Luck, hope that this will be a successful experience x