I think im doing this all the wrong way ;-(


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Im trying to loose weight so hard so i have put my self on a stupid diet it goes like this

If i wake 7.45 in the morning i have a glass of water , then all day i just drinkk water the odd coffee then around 7pm i have a meal which is usually half a tin of broad beans half a tin of carrots small portion of chicken flavour rice and some chicken .

I know this is wrong and i shud be eating more but i feel better restricting myself . This week i lost 3.5 lbs .

I want to keep doing this , but am i being crazy ? It seems to fit my lifestyle i dont even feel hungry.

Thoughts ??:wave_cry:
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Hey love. I'm a serial dieter and always have been. Yes, you do need to do what suits you. I agree & am doing that myself. However, looking at what you eat it seems wayyyyyyy to little. I know from past experience that eating so little cannot be sustained indefinatley and sooner or later you'll cave in, go completley off the rails, put on any weight you've lost back on (& a bit more to boot!) then end up hating yourself :( Take it from a old pro ;) feed your body with the nutrients it needs and it'll thank you for it! I've messed my body up completley but if I had my chance again, I'd NEVER go on a diet EVER!!!!! Keep your chin up
Jackie xx


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Your body is probably hanging on to fat because you are eating so little! I have previously managed a 3.5lb loss in a week by eating healthy but regularly and exercising.


Research has shown that eating like this will send your body into starvation mode and you will see a loss, but when your eating returns to normal it will grab hold of the fat in any food with added enthusiasm because it's got used to being deprived. It's also unlikely that you will be able to maintain this, and you're going to start feeling dizzy and find it hard to concentrate during the day.

I understand the restriction thing, in the past I've always struggled with plans that allow me any flexibility because I felt like it gave me too much room to go wrong.

It sounds like maybe a calorie controlled diet might give you the restriction and control you feel helps you? Rosemary Conley is a good plan for this if you feel you need guidance, or you could go it alone setting yourself a calorie limit and reduce it as you lose weight.

Good luck and remember that weight loss is often most successful when it's done slowly - no matter how much we all want it to happen overnight! :)