I think I've been naughty!


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Good evening all:)

I'm on Day 13 of SS and at my first weigh-in lost 8.5lbs. Think I've lost more this week, judging by my own scales.

Anyway, when you read the title thread I'm sure you probably thought I'd 'cheated' and eaten something, but I haven't.

What it is is that out of 13 days, on about 5 of those days I have only had two of my three food packs. It's because I end up having 'breakfast' at about 3pm and 'lunch' at about 8pm. By this time it's bath and bed time and I just don't feel like having another one! Which I appreciate sounds ridiculous...

My question is whether or not this may be dangerous in the long-term if I happen to only have two of my three packs a couple of days a week?

My instinct is that I will be told off if I tell my CDC; I think deep down I know it's a bit naughty but does anyone else do this..?!

All the best

Rom xx
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ive done exactly the same thing in the first week, i didnt manage 3 packs but i find i lose more weight when i do have all 3 packs.. sometimes i dont manage all 3 packs though would be interesting to hear peoples views


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I try not to miss shakes but on busy days it happens. However i seemed to get better losses on the weeks i ate them all


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Hi guys I often do the same.. Have two packs instead of 3 as sometimes it's just forcing it down n don't even be hungry .. Weight loss is stil good ..


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A loss is a loss I suppose but having said that I will be trying to fit in all three because I would prefer a higher loss each week:)

Bride10 (I'm guessing you're getting married? Congrats)!! if you can try to leave at least 2-3 hours between shakes and don't have two at once; I used to do that sometimes until my CDC told me I ran the risk of coming out of ketosis because of how many calories consumed at once!

Hope that helps



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If you don't manage all your packs it is more likely to slow down your loss than speed it up, and could make you feel worse. Ty to force yourself to have the first one earlier, it triggers your metabolism and will help your loss. The diet is low calorie enough as it is, your body can't manage on any less.


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Its not even so much your losses you need to worry about, youre on so few calories as it is you really cant afford to cut back more plus the fact having all 3 packs is the only way youre going to get the complete nutrients etc you need to stay healthy. Youre risking your health by not having them

Dont for goodness sake say you cant have 3 packs cos youre 'not hungry' ehm thats the point of ketosis, so youre not hungry. You cant treat this diet like other diets and wait for hunger signals to come cos a lot of the time - they wont come. Look on your packs as medicine or something. You MUST have 3 packs a day whether youre hungry or feel like them or not.


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Sapphireblue thanks so much for your post; I'm going to start having a shake at about 10am too :)

Starlight thanks for your post also, though I do feel like I've had a stern scolding! I did say in my original post that I appreciated it sounded ridiculous... In any event I know it's serious stuff and that I have been bad and thus not doing my body / overall health any favours.

Thanks to all!



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I agree it is vital that you have all 3 packs as it is the minimum amount of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy :)