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I took the plunge and got the chop!

That's gorgeous, it really suits you! :D I'd love to have the guts to get something dramatic done with my hair, but I always chicken out at the last minute and just get a trim. It's nearly down to my waist now lol

Thankyou, it was a bit of a shock at first but i'm embracing and loving it now!!

I was going for the Frankie Sandford look (from The Saturdays)
However someone told me i looked like Emma Watson last night which i don't see the resemblance!!

I really want it red now though!! I really beautiful deep ruby red!
That's lovely and it really suits you! I'd love to go short, but I really can't pull it off. I had a pixie cut a few years back and when I look back at the picture I can't believe how aweful it looked! Haha. You really pull it off well, though! <3

Also, I just spotted those red shoes behind you! HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY? Haha! I have a bit of an obsession with red shoes :p
I love it! Really suits you, contemplating something like that myself!


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Thankyou for all the lovely comments!
I only had it done yesterday and as you can see from the pics had a night out so was feeling a little nervous about everyone's reaction as it was a big change from long blonde hair haha!!

This colour is close to my natural colour which i'm not too fussed about, its just so i can go red next time i go (19th march) because putting the red on top of the blonde wouldn't have worked well!


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Your hair looks really good. Really suits your face shape and your overall style.

I had mine cut short about 4 weeks ago (think Sarah Harding) and I really hate it, I mean really. it didn't feel right - the asymetric shape, so I had that longer side cut off and although I feel more comfortable with it I still hate it. My top layers are really short - again I can live with that but the overall length is still too short.

I cannot wait for it to grow!!

But I am always of the opinion that you don't know unless you try - well I tried!

Enjoy your new hair cos once its red its gonna be even more brilliant! I did debate going red on mine (Rihanna has a lot to answer for!) but being quite a light blonde I don't think I could pull it off.

I did debate going red on mine (Rihanna has a lot to answer for!) but being quite a light blonde I don't think I could pull it off.
You'd be surprised, hun. Red is so common when you're talking about vibrant hair colours, because it's the easiest one to pull off. Things like green and blue can make your skin look washed out and make you look ill if you have pale skin. Pinks and reds have a warming effect and can complement most skintones.

If you wanted to try red, but are a bit shy, try a semi-perminant colour with just a hint of red, and see how much you like it. The plus side of being blonde: no bleaching! Hehe. My hair is almost black, so as you can imagine, it's a real pain trying to lighten it enough to actually look vibrant. :p


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Looks brilliant!
Id love to have the face shape to pull off short hair but I only suit it long.
Go for red too!
Im bright copper and I LOOVVEE it!
Haha. Well, he's from Tamworth, I'm from Stoke. We lived in Tamworth for a while with his parents, then it was a toss up between the two where we were going to live together. It was litterally a choice of the lesser of two evils. We ended up living in Stoke pretty much just because the people are friendlier. Haha. Hated that about Tamworth, most people were really rude. And the chavs... so many chavs! lol
Your hair really suits you :)

I really really wanted mine purple but no matter what the hairdresser tried it just wouldn't take??? :(

It ended up really dark which just makes me look washed out so I am back to a mixture of brown, copper & blonde shades.
i love ur new hair cut and think it will look great red :)

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