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I want a big mac!


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ohhh please help me!
I am craving a big mac from mcdonalds so much.
ive been up and down the hospital all week with my mum being admitted and then 2 nights in the childrens ward with my 15month old daughter with tonsillitis.
I've lost 6lb this week with the worry/non-stop moving etc, and i haven't really had time to eat.

But now i am dreaming about a big mac and im craving it that much i can almost taste it!!

Mcdonalds is only up the road too.....but i won't.
i have quorn sausages in the freezer and brown bread.
a sausage butty will have to be the next best thing!
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I have my mojo
Kim, you've obviously had a really hard week! You've had a fantastic weight loss.....treat yourself!! Besides, if memory serves me correctly a Big Mac is 13 syns (not positve about that) so flexi-syn. This is what I love about SW, we can have what we want in moderation!

I'm betting you can't even remember the last time you had a Big Mac, so go for it! I don't think we can always avoid these sorts of food like the plague, if we do, how else are we going to teach ourselves to have a normal relationship with food!?

Treat yourself hun! :):)

K xx


This is really the time!
Treat yourself!! You need it!xxx


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Kim...If you dont treat yourself then it will eat away at you and you will think nothing but Big Macs..So just go get it ,get it out of your system and then start again , trust me I had Major cravings for Macdonalds and the thought was going round and round in my head for days until I finally caved in (It wasnt that great either) but now its out of my system and if OH says 'do you want a Macdonalds?' Im like ...nah ! dont see the point anymore they aint that great
But dont worry about it ,just do it. and enjoy it !!

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