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I want a lighter life.

So im on SW and its goin but its goin slow and i cant bear it, free food so i eat and eat and its not making me feel any better in my mind. Im a very impatient person and its all or nothing for me, i love the idea of re-assessing all my bad habits and basically starting again from a food point of view so lighter life seems perfect. I read reviews which are 80% Good/Great and the rest are saying how dangerous this diet is .. now im 19 and 18st 6ish at 5'7, i put 8st on over the last 2/3 years due to my brother and nan dying and my mum having a stroke (alot to go through when your 16-17) and instead of loosing weight due to stress i hit super duper depression mode and here it is. Lifes ok now but i start to feel the weight bringing me down, doctor wont help and says i should 'just walk every day'.. So there the first problem what can i do if my doctor wont sign, i no im fully ready for this and the thought of one person saying no and ruining my chance is already heart breaking. Any advice, recommendations etc will be greatly appriciated and well done everyone in their amazing losses.

Katie x :eek:
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Hey Katie
Sorry you've had such a rough time of late. I started LL exactly a year ago this week and it's been life changing. It's the easiest diet I've ever done (and I've tried them all!) and the weight has stayed off since I started eating again in October. I only wish it had been around when I was 19.
I can't sing it's praises enough. The support I've had has been great and I still go for monthly weigh ins now. I've made some great friends and I can do things now I haven't done for over 10 years (just booked my second beach holiday and yes, I'll be wearing a bikini!)
Go for it I say. If you're in the right frame of mind to lose weight forever this is the diet to go for!xx
Hello roundrachel :D, well done and can i just say im ever so envious that you can wear a bikini but you fully deserve it!! Can i just ask how long it took you to loose the weight and does it really help you change the way you eat and think about food?
Blonde Logic you have done amazing, in such a short time aswell!! Looking back now how did you find it, did you have hard times half way to goal?
Kay, hand on heart, this was the easiest diet I have ever done. I maintained the diet 100% without a single cheat, and soared through it. I never lost motivation because for the first time in my life I could see the end in site - I knew very early on I would achieve my goal.

I completed the diet in September, and the finished RTM in December, and have maintained pretty much effortlessly since then. :) It IS the "miracle pill" I had always prayed for.
I had serious emotional issues with food - and the counseling helped immensely.

It is the best thing I have ever done for myself, and it has given me a second chance.

I say go for it - you won;t be sorry, and you will be done before you know it!!


THanks for you kind comments too! :)



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This sounds just the thing for you. First step is to find LL councellor near you. She only charges for the food packs so any question and answer sessions are free!! :D

She should also have a list of GP's in her area who are pro people helping themselves and getting off the NHS obesity burden they are always moaning about. :rolleyes:

Yes there are side effects and we're all affected differently and mostly quite minimally but if you make a list of those things that are affecting you now, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc, it can only get better!

And come back here often. Best out of hours councelling there is.
its the best thing i did started 16th june 20 st 11lbs and am now on rtm after loosing 9 st 10 pounds going from a 28/30 to a 12/14 and iam the same height as you
Welcome Kay

Sounds like you are ready for LL.You are right some GP s don't know much about LL and don't support VLCD. Speak to your local LLC, they will have come across this before.
Ifyou have a responsible GP they will support you and respect the fact that you recognise that losing weight will improve your health. After all, the NHS has a big emphasis on encouraging (bullying!) people into being slim at the moment.
Like the others have said. Using LL to lose over 12stone in 10months is the best thing I ave ever done for myself.
Good luck, come and join us.
The psychology aspect will help you deal with some of the difficult things you've been through recently.

Just one more thing to add.. If you are otherwise healthy physically, then the practice nurse can take BP and sign form. And also, sometimes if you go to the doctor and rather than ask "what shall I do..?" say "this is what I am going to do, I believe this is the best thing for me because (shows you've researched into it), and I just need you to take my BP in order for me to do this".. i.e. being more assertive in what you want to do.

Good luck, I hope this is the solution you are looking for!


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Hi, welcome to the forum. I struggled with SLimming World too, in fact I struggled with all of them (WW, Rosemary conley etc), as they didn't address why I found myself weighing in at 17 stone. I am starting LL on Thursday (for the second time - dropped out after 3 weeks a few years ago because of a pushy boyfirned...) and absolutely can't wait. I can see my goal in sight and seeing the fat melt away quickly will give me the motivation i need to succeed this time!
Loula x


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Hi Katie,

I was doing SW when my sister did LL. She lost 4stone and went from a 20 to a 12/14 in 16 weeks.

I had already lost 3 n half stone on SW but when I saw my sister I was the same and decided that I couldn't wait another 2-3 years to loose the other 3/4 stone that I wanted to loose.

I am now on week 10 and have lost 33lb. A bit slower than I anticipated but I am doing a lot of exercise so the inches are coming off.

I must admit I have struggled from time to time as sometimes it can be hard but as other people have said, at least doing it this way there is definitely an end in sight.

Hope you make the right decision for you.

Good luck x x
I agree with the above! I think LL will be the perfect plan for you!

I really struggled on SW, although I lost weight I really disliked the free food thing and other things that SW stood for. WW worked for me, and I enjoyed eating the WW way, but at the weight I was when I started this, it would have taken me so long to reach goal on WW that I couldn't honestly see me having reached the end point without giving up.

All I can say is that I have found Foundation pretty easy really - I don't want to make it sound like it's a total breeze, but for me I could stay on Foundation for eternity actually. Just started RTM and I'm actually not enjoying the F word as much as I thought I would and am finding I am looking forward to my packs much more!!!!

Anyway, I do hope that your GP supports you as this is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

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