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I want to cry


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Well, I was finally called in for surgery this week - I only had 24 hours notice although I had been waiting a while for it. It's classed as 'major surgery' but it's not that major, if you see what I mean. And I'm back home now and doing pretty well, considering :) so all is good as could be hoped, really.

BUT I've been told I MUST stay well away from SW for the time being. I've got to have a low-fibre, high-fat diet that is pretty much as far removed from SW as can be. They've even gone so far as to say that junk foods and biscuits are a great way of packing in the calories. I mean, seriously the entire NHS seems to run on biscuits. You get the tea trolley three times a day and if you turn down a cuppa and a little pack of jammy dodgers they're there straight away, taking your temperature.

You'd think this would be great wouldn't you? Well it's not. I hate it and I want to cry. Because I can't shop or cook for myself I have zero control what I eat and if I don't want something someone has prepared I feel like a spoilt child so I feel like I can't refuse anything. I don't have much appetite anyway, but I've lost my taste for sugar and fat and grease forever, I hope, and it's all just turning my stomach. All the things I do fancy I can't have. And people really don't understand. They either make a big joke about how typical it is that I've gone all healthy now I've got a golden ticket to eat what I like, or they act like I've been brainwashed into some evil sub-anorexic cult.

I do admit I'm a little pee'ed off that this has happened to spoil everything when I was doing so well but mainly I just want to get some food down me without gagging. It's not about my weight (I promise you that's absolutely my last priority), I just want to give my body what it needs right now without feeling worse than I already do. I'm a bit scared that I'll fall into my old ways but mainly I just wanted to let this steam off to people who are more likely to understand how it feels and not just find it funny.
I do realise there was absolutely no point to this thread but thank you for letting me get all that off my chest.
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Be strong. You're right to feel the way you do. Be kind to yourself and just go with the flow, you'll be able to pick up the plan again. Are there no healthier options at all?
I totally feel for you and understand how you're feeling. I too have been in a similar situation. I was a member of SW last year went in for surgery, put weight on, then lost it, then back in for more surgery then even more weight on and now i'm back at SW and hoping to give it a damn good go this time.
Can anyone who is cooking for you have a read of the SW plan and try and help by making you healthy meals?
I totally understand how you're feeling as i'll be back in the same situation later this year.
Keep you chin up xxx


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There's not much I can say, but I wanted to send a virtual hug and congratulate you on what you've lost up to now. That will be a big help in aiding your recovery, I'm sure. But weight isn't important at the minute - getting better is. Don't go overboard - you've shown you have the willpower - but follow the doctors' advice. Then, when you're back to full strength, you can give SW 100%.

Look after yourself.


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Sockmonkey - I don't know your background, but best wishes xx

Who are these people cooking and shopping for you and making jokes? Do you not have any say over them?

If you wanted to be a rebel (not condoning such behaviour of course!) you could stay roughly on the SW wagon by eating all your syns but using them on healthy foods rather than junk. How about nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados. And red days for lower fibre proteins.

Take care and chin up. As Charlie says, you can pick it up again.


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Oh, bless, I feel for you:cry:
I want to cry but that's because I put on half a pound, and no idea why!
I even walked the dog 11 miles over the whole of last week, poor thing is worn out!:)
Hope that made you laugh, sorry if it hurts!


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Oh you poor thing, you sound so down and frustrated x How long is this going on for? There must be some light at the end of the tunnel as this situation won't last forever. Can you just grin and bear it and look to the greater good of getting better? Sorry, I know that's no help x


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just sending (((hugs)))
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Just wanted to send u all our love and hugs xxxxxx
It can't be easy on you, but perhaps if you used hidden fats in SW food that might make it more palatable? Jacket potato with a double hex of cheese, on top and mashed through? Olive oil instead of frylight? Not cutting the fat off your bacon and other meat? It would be helpful if those supporting you could actually be supportive, though, and not make this into more of an issue that would be useful.

Use the stuff you would normally eat for SW but have the full fat / sugar versions rather than the fat-free. You will be eating all the same stuff but as you need to do this for your health, just see it as a prescription for medicine and adapt it as best you can within your capability.

Hugs x


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:grouphugg: Hope you are feeling better soon then can take control back. Right now just take care of yourself then you can focus on SW

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