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I want to design the perfect...


Going for Goal!
menu for ss+ week!

A lot of you seem to be enjoying the luxury of eating again on your ss+ week, and i've been drooling over some of the recipe ideas! :drool:

So to keep me on track today (still off sick at work with chest infection) I have decided to design a menu on the computer to stick on my fridge!

I think it will give me something to really work hard for. ;)

I'm just about to do a wii fitness coach 'gentle' work out. It seems to clear my chest somehow with a little movement. Plus I at least feel I have done something!:whacky068:

Has anyone else done a menu for them to work towards? :sign0163:

I feel sometimes like I obsess about food on odd days, especially with being at home this week. I've found each day I've been looking in the cd book at the ss+ plan (think I can recite it word for word now!)

But I'm happy to say a BIG :happy096: to myself for staying ss the past few days and not giving in to my obsessive food thinking!!!

I hope this menu will inspire me to be able to control my 'food thinking' - meaning that I can think of food without putting it in my mouth. Giving me the opportunity to have to wait before I eat something.

I've definately learnt one thing about myself while on this diet, before cd I would never say no to myself. If i 'fancied' someething I would just have it, like on impulse. Now I think want to teach myself to be able to control what I want and when I can have it.

:eating: Good things come to those who wait - - - - - - - -- - - so - Here's to keeping a tight lid on the fridge for me for another 6 weeks! I'm half way there already! Yay :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

*sending positive vibes to you all*

Hugs x x x
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Post-Menopausal Maniac!
That is a really good idea, the more I think about it. I'm floundering a bit with my SS+ food, because I just buy a selection of suitable stuff and then dish it up for dinner without any forward planning. Because I suffer from ADD, I need to be organised (this was why SS worked so well for me - I couldn't deviate!) and my lack of organisation now is causing me to waver and is buggering up my weight loss.

If I sat down and designed a menu for the week ahead and stuck to it, I think this might be really helpful to me - almost like being back on SS. I'm going to try it and see....:rolleyes:

Good one, Emma! :D

PS. I'm having a Wii Fit for my birthday (on Monday) - looking forward to it! :)
This is a fab idea!

I'm struggling a little on SS+ as I shop only for myself, and as I need a variety, I had to buy more food than I'm going to eat in the week. Managed to stick to my allowed amounts each day so far, but there so much food in my fridge at the moment!

How I wish I had a family I could cook some of my excess veg for!


Slimming down the aisle
I sat down a couple of days ago and planned out my menu! It meant I could vary what I had and also get in what I needed knowing what I needed for the week. Is going well so far!
Ah Lads, there are many herbs you can use which will surely liven up the protien dishes and veg. im sure certian herbs are allowed! Just use your imagination a little!! i find there are more than enough choices for ss+ and mix and match makes the variety. Get your thinking caps on!!! Thinking up a receipe plan and weekly plan is a fab idea. It helps keep you in check.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Great idea..
My menu consists of ..
Cottage cheese and cucumber and lettuce
and Chicken and cucumber and lettuce..
Need to get adventurous me thinks x
Hahaha, think you do (and you've been doing it longer than me, lol)!

I'm being really extravagant and buying those bags of pre-prepared salad leaves, because they contain things like radicchio which I would never normally buy. Also courgettes, mushrooms and celeriac for cooking - if you boil and mash celeriac, you can pretend it's mashed potato (even though it tastes like celery), I put it with another green veg or salad to make it look more! I'm steaming my fish and dry-frying my chicken (or doing it in the oven wrapped in foil, with herbs etc. inside) - come on Curly, no excuses!! :D:D

Oh, and it's asparagus season so take advantage of that (better steamed than boiled I find). :)


Slimming down the aisle
I hated courgettes before, and lettuce, and now I quite like both!

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