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:( I had to indure my partner and daughter eating a Maccy's today... God Damn them! Try to stay strong, he's on fifa so im about if you want to chat!


is gonna shine in 2009
I'm not on the plan yet but i have been where you are right now, when i did CD for 16 weeks and you want to eat but believe me that short moment of pleasure the food will bring will be quickly followed by a total feel of guilt and you'll feel crappy not only mentally cos you will feel you " failed " but also physically cos you're not used to food and bloating.

but you feel 100% awesome if you resist and fight it all the way xxx
I've had a weekend of it too. The amount of times I've thought about eating has been the worst yet.
The main reason for me has been utter boredom and squabbling kids. I keep finding myself in the kitchen, loitering with intent!
I have managed to distract myself every time, and I keep telling myself I'm doing this FOR ME!!! I'm not even properly hungry so WHY EAT????? Emotional hunger rears its ugly head :rolleyes:
Come on, we can overcome this - tomorrow morning we can wake up thinking we were strong, another step closer to where we want to be. Don't give in to that little devil voice on your shoulder!
I made it :D
Im night shift tonight and some smarty decided to do a Pakora run, my pal was nominated to go collect it and I went with her... came back with 15 portions of pakora, spicy onions, naan bread, popadoms which we then handed out and I never had a single bit... serious temptation but what a great feeling when they were all finished and my diets still intact

My Sgt actually commented he couldnt believe Id managed to resist :)


is gonna shine in 2009
well done....both of you! :)


On A Mission!
Awww honey, its horrible to feel so miserable. But i know you want to be slim far more then you want to eat. Your body is missing all that fat you have lost and is demanding some of it back! Tell your body to get lost, you are gonna beat this. I know you will anyway :)

Well done for staying strong!
put on 1lb this morning...what was the point in resisting?!


is gonna shine in 2009
could it be bloating before yours period? on a plan like this fluctuations are bad..what i got told on CD was fat cells are round and when we lose fat they go a kinda sickle shape and cells don't like changing so they fill with water but they have to let the water eventually.
Well done for staying strong. It is worth it and you it is from how far you come :)


On A Mission!
put on 1lb this morning...what was the point in resisting?!
Because if you hadnt resisted it would have been 3lb this morning!

Dont worry about the lb, its nothing, and you were probably craving food for a reason, totm maybe.

My weight has been acting stupid for 2 weeks, up one day down the next back up again. Its just stupid, but ive finally moved down again. You have lost a load of weight already, these blips can happen for no reason at all, so dont sweat it.