I want to share something very comical with you!


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I woke up this morning having had one of those dreams that tickles you so much I'm still laughing.

As a dog lover it was a strange dream as I had been talking to a colleague about two savage dogs and the harm they had done.

Then I received this card from my colleague and it read:

There was this one time I passed two BARKING LOOKING dogs and I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

I woke up and I just completely cracked up laughing.

I mean to say what is that? Two BARKING LOOKING dogs?

Imagining this colleague of mine being frightened of two hounds that looked as if they might possibly emit a bark, it's been too much for me today.

If that's what he meant. I ask you, Mini, Pam, Anne-Marie, Roch anyone care to interpret this?

I have two lovely dogs, but I couldn't say that they were BARKING LOOKING. They bark when the doorbell goes, because they always think its for them.

Anyway how's it goin?
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Hahahaha! That is so funny, I am crying laughing! Thank you! x

I have funny dreams sometimes. I always dream or nightmare without fail, and according to hubby I sleeptalk and walk. I do remember one time worrying about whether my jods were clean for a horse show and my dreaming about it. The next day my hubby said I had turned the wash basked upside down and inside out looking for these jods, but I was incomprehensible and wasn't aware of this happening!

I have been known to laugh uncontrollably in my sleep and one time relayed a story to my husband about being abducted by some aliens who were really very friendly. He has great fun telling me these things and I never believe him, but I have woken up mid laugh or mid cry sometimes.

I love dreams though. I can't bear waking up mid dream and then never getting back to it!


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Glad you enjoyed it

;) Hi Carrie

So you too have these vivid dreams. My husband tells me that he is able to converse with me when I'm asleep.

Which brings me to this point, I must try to give him more attention, because I get these urges to log onto minimins.com and start typing away.

Beloved is on his way home now, but one night I was on here at 12.05 a.m. and then woke up early, came down to make tea at 7.00 a.m. and logged on.

This must stop. I'm in danger of becoming a minimins.com addict.

This is a message for my usual correspondents. I can't cope with any other forums, so I'll meet you here at the Lipotrim link.

Love to all
Marylyn xxx