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I was BRAVE! :)


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Hey guys

well after tridi mentioning the flapjacks yesterday, I decided to pop into the chemist this morning and exchange a shake for a peanut flapjack (we have loads in stock here), anyway when I first tried them 11 weeks ago, I couldnt stand them and spat it out on first taste BUT today I loved it - ok maybe a teeny bit of a lie, but it was lovely to chew on something :D

It didnt blow me away and took me 1hr 15 minutes to eat with about a litre of water, but it went down a treat! :p

Goes to show how our tastebuds change on this eh? x
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I absolutely love the flapjacks and actually look forward to them, but dont like the coconut one, i heated a peanut one in the microwave for 1 min and it was nice, i know people say you kill the nutrients but how can it be any worse than cooking anything?
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i nibbled the side of a flapjack before and just gagged it was absolutely discusting, the smell and the texture was horrific lol...
when i was on LT before i was dying to chew something all the time, so instead of the flapjacks i used to chew on a teething ring ha


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Chewing ice helps with the need to chew, and because it's water it all helps! :D Well done for having the flapjack though. I daren't have anymore. I went right off them and don't know if I'd want to try one ever again lol.
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i never actually thought of chewing ice..
hmmm.. i cant wait to start lipotrim again..
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Amanda- when are you starting? After the weekend? Bet you can't wait to get losing!! It's exciting isn't it?! I was at a friend's last night and she kept saying "I keep wanting to offer you something but there's nothing but water I can give you!!" She was asking if I felt deprived and although I do have moments of wanting to sink my face into a bag of chips I feel the OPPOSITE of deprived- I actually feel elated- like every day on this is helping me to lose weight!

Can't wait til your first weigh in hun!

S: 19st4lb C: 18st7lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.07%)
well i am doing the late shifts in work up until next friday which means cant get home to make lunch or nothing and its quite busy this week so i am going to start not this monday but next monday so one more week of being a pig lol.. plus i have a 21st next saturday so probably not the best day to start..

hey dont be looking forward to my first WI i prob wont loose anything lol..

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I like the flapjacks, they are so convenient at work, but my chemist says he can't get any from LT at the mo coz of a quality control problem!!!!!!!