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I weigh less now than ......


What doesn't kill me.....
It dawned on me this morning during my morning commute into work... that I weigh less now than I did when I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter more than two years ago!

And now there is a good 4 inches between me and the steering wheel!! (used to be like a 1/2 inch.. enough room for my thumb to sit between me and the wheel) :scale:

I think when I get home today, I will pull out those 3 giant bags I have of clothes I used to wear before I got pregnant and see what might fit.... or atleast... almost fit!! :bliss:

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Isn't it a great feeling when you start fitting into your old clothes again!
Must add, I'm looking forward to getting old clothes out of the wardrobe that haven't seen light of day for ages! But even better will be when those clothes get loose! LOL!


What doesn't kill me.....
Well I pulled out one bag... I *almost* fit into a pair of trousers that are a size 18. I was a little confused, because I am wearing the same brand pants, that are a size 14/16... but they are knit pants, and trousers are fitted. So.. .all the jeans are a wash right now, they are all size 16 and 14. Maybe in another 10 lbs, the 18s will fit :)



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well done you! thats great!
odd about the sizes, perhaps they shrunk in teh wash or something, i had wool trousers that werent menatto go in wash and they come out a fair bit too small :-(


Is feeling the love!
LR thats blood brilliant!!! I remember when I first came on here in Feb you were saying that you could get your thumb between your tummy and the streeing wheel that was less than 2 months ago!!
And as for clothes sizes, I have a pair of jeans on which are a 12 and I have another pair of jeans by the same brand just a different style that are a 16 and they both fit me the same. I think if it fits you and you feel good then you'll look good.

Well done you! :D


What doesn't kill me.....
Thanks everyone.

I felt alittle deflated yesterday when none of the pants fit. I guess I didn't really realize how big I had gotten. And because I haven't worn fitted pants (jeans or trousers) in many years, I had no idea what my true size was. I always wear knit type pants. Although it is truly unfair for a company to make pants and depending on the fabric, you would need to buy different sizes. If the knit pants were actually true to size, maybe I would have gotten my but into gear sooner!!!! BOOOOOO! :8855:


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