I went and I'm still smiling!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by sophie_mk, 15 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. sophie_mk

    sophie_mk Full Member

    Hi guys!
    Thanks for your advice... well I went and my official WW weight was 17st 1lb!
    I was happy with that as my last CD weigh in last week was 17st exact - only a pound on - but had a huge prawn salad and jacket potato just before I went so probably nothing in it at all!
    Have bought the starter pack as I think the shopping guide is essential to have in your handbag!
    I'm so pleased I have switched. CD is a bit of a head f***! Think I would have had severe issues with returning to food if I had spent much more time doing it.....
    This way may be slower but hey, its gonna teach me how to manage portions and balance different foods.
    Looking forward to the journey with you lot!
    Dunno about you guys but I'm planning a summer of prawns! LOL!
    Love Sophie xxxx
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  3. DecemberBride2008

    DecemberBride2008 Needs to succeed

    Hi Sophie

    I'm so glad your WW meeting went well. I know exactly what you mean about CD. I did it for 2 weeks, but was so ill doing it. In the end, I couldn't stomach any of the shakes, and practically wasn't eating alll day!!

    WW is great, I lost 3lbs this week, and have eaten some really lovely things. I'd reccomend buying a WW cookbook (even if it's from ebay) because you feel great knowing that you've cooked from scratch, and that you're eating a healthy meal.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey, keep in touch

  4. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    well done on taking the plunge we're a helpful bunch here!
    i too did cd but was sick of it felt ill and that ww is so much easier to stick to.
    good luck any questions just ask...
    o one major tip buy a points calculator! its a must have!x
  5. sophie_mk

    sophie_mk Full Member

    I've got the calculator as well...
    and the Cook Eat Enjoy Cookbook (love the Macaroni Cheese and Keema Curry)

    Theres no stopping me this time!

    Hope everyone has had a good day!

    P.S - you look like that girl from Eastenders/Bionic Woman! Thats a compliment by the way!
  6. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    lol someone else said that the other day on here how funny and yes i take that as a massive compliment wish i had her figure to match ha ha

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