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I went for a chinese buffet today!!!


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with the whole family....and i sat and drank my shake and sniffed everyones plates and made them tell me if it tasted good or not!!! I seem to want to experience food through third parties these days - it works for me anyways!!

I am soooooooooooo chuft with myself!!!



my ex[ish] noob of a boyf called and asked if we could talk - so we have talked and although i am being very cagey with him - he explained that he had had a rough night, he had to try to keep a 14yo alive after he came of a scooter with no helmet, internal bleeding, fractured skull [he's a paramedic if i havent already told ya] and then he received my not so friendly text about *mutters something or other :( and he saw red....i know that doesnt excuse his behaviour and i have told him there is very little trust on my side - told him i gave my heart freely and thought it would always be protected in his hands - he grovelled, i stuck to my guns and then we said goodnight. Ohhhh this girlie soooo aint a pushover!! How very dare he presume i will welcome him back without making the sucker sweat a little first!!! :eek:

mmmmm making him sweat....sounds kinda......ohhh stop me stop me!!!! i soooooo aint goin there :p

yet ;)
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well done on your will power xx


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Well done Lisa. Chinese buffet.....ahhhh I can taste it ;)
Hope you can sort things out with the exish bf. Your right not to be a pushover though :D:D

rainbow brite

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This touches a nerve with me. My boyfriend did the same thing, ended things because he was having a rough time and then called me up a month later (he'd tried inbetween but I was having none of it) and said he'd made a huge mistake blah blah blah. I'll tell you this, we're still together now but every so often I think of what he did and it enrages me. I love him but it's taken a looong time to trust him again. Still not sure I trust him 100% but I'm getting there, so just be warned that if you decide he's worthy of you once more it may not be all plain sailing but I'm more than sure you can handle yourself and get through any such ripples :D
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Lisa, well done on resisting temptation.

Good on you for playing cool with the ex.


rainbow brite

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I forgot to add, he did this on Valentines week (I've never even been told Happy Valentines Day never mind received a card so I was looking forward to it) and about four weeks before our anniversary. I've just wound myself up about it again!! :(


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noooooooooooooo rainbow dont do that! think of all the lovely things he has done for u since - please dont let my post make u mad at him!!
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I'm so impressed that you could visit a Chinese Buffet, it would drive me craaaazzzeeeeee! You must have iron willpower, well done you!

rainbow brite

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It's alright Lisa, I was already a bit annoyed with him anyway for something else lol. There's no point living in the past but it's something I have to admit to having a very hard time forgetting about.


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Well done Lisa.If you can stick to your guns with lipotrim then sticking to your guns about a guy should be a breeze.
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Really well done on the buffet thingy - hats off to u big time...

AND reading the rest of that post makes me remember why I am single... I hate the games of relationships - why can it not just be easier??? I think my problem is I cant play games and that why I am single! :(

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