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I went out for a meal

and I didn't eat...not a thing, I am so proud of myself.

It was a meal with old friends that i get to see often and I really really didn't want to miss out on the socialising and catch up.

I explained to everyone that I was dieting and that I would still love to come but couldn't eat.

It was at one of my favourite Italian restaurants and they didn't hold back and the scrummy stuff they ordered including pudding. But I had water and for a treat with the puddings I had a coffee.

I feel so lucky to have such understanding friends that support me, we had a good old chat. And now they all think I am amazing for sitting through it.

Right now I feel on top of the world, I had the most fabulous evening and once again it wasn't centred around food. This has been the second opportunity for me to cheat or make excuses to, but i am thinking, there are always going to be challenges that come up almost daily, and I have to stop making excuses...that's what got me here in the first place.

I feel stronger than ever, that i have now taken control and that I CAN resist the urge to just eat. Long may it continue.

sorry for babbling but I am so happy :D
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Well done Kerry:happy096:

, but i am thinking, there are always going to be challenges that come up almost daily, and I have to stop making excuses...that's what got me here in the first place.
I can identify with the above so well...
well done hun! that takes alot of willpower and dedication to yourself!... you should be so proud! and what great friends you have that support you like that, its great.... now bottle this amazing feeling and keep it by just incase you need it ( which u wont :) ) ..... keep goin ghte way your going and youll be a new you in no time! x
I think that you're amazing too Kerry! Well done on managing to get through that meal and also for the strength that you showed at the Sunday lunch.....you're well on the way babes xxxx

Ps I look forward to the day when I go out for a meal and the food is unimportant to me and I'm only bothered about the company.....that's how my OH thinks and he's never been so much as a pound overweight in his entire lifetime! His view is that it's ONLY food.....
Fantastic I hope I can be as strong as you. Italian restaurant, friends and pudding and you only had water - you have a will on iron
Now that is something to be proud of!! well done!!

How much self control and stamina have you got???? lol

That is fantastic Kerry.. You must have great determination... At least you know now that you have done it, and you done Sunday lunch the other day, so this is obviously working for you..

Keep it up hun x x
Thanks guys. I was quite worried this morning after i posted last night, I didn't want to come across as bragging if that makes sense.

But I did want people to know that it can be done. I am not gonna lie it was fricking hard, and not something i plan on doing often. But why the hell should I miss out on spending quality time with good friends and family, just because I can't eat or don't want to watch other people eat. and on both occasions I can honestly say I really didn't feel like I had missed out, but also I think my friends and family played a major part, every one of them has shown me amazing support. Yes and my diet was a talking point obviously but inly in a positive way.
It's not bragging hun.. You are rightly proud of yourself, and i think you should go into the middle of your high street with a placard round your neck, and shout it out to everyone!! pmsl x x x

Tell me when and i will come and be your cheerleader.... That would be worth a laugh!! lol

You are inspirational x x x

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