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I will not get on those scales. I will not get on those scales...

I will not get on those scales.

I am a naughty girl who keeps weighing- every bedtime and everymorning. And quite often in the middle of the night when nature calls. Now I have promised myself not to do it. But USUALLY it helps. This week however, those scales are not moving. (Now I know a slice of quiche is not going to get them moving but I am being irrational!) and it's getting me down.
So I have put the scales away.
However- if I have lost nowt by now is there any chance I will have lost 4lbs by my weigh in on Tuesday?
What I am really wondering is- do thiose of you who weigh every day - doyou find your weight goes down bit by bit every dsy-or sudenly drops and then stays the same for a few days!!
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Mrs B

Silver Member
I'm sorry but you've made me laugh. That is what you get for making me your twin, hun. I've done the same all week and mine haven't moved either. I have my weigh in tomorrow, when's yours?
Evenin' Twinny- my weigh in is Tuesday but I wanna see some of this blubber shifting now!!!
I think I'll phone NHS Direct to see if there is an emergency liposuction clinic close by......
Serial scales hopper here too :) So far they are chugging down but its early days if they start playing up I'm definitely banishing them into the press :)

Mrs B

Silver Member
Evenin' Twinny- my weigh in is Tuesday but I wanna see some of this blubber shifting now!!!
I think I'll phone NHS Direct to see if there is an emergency liposuction clinic close by......
Lol, must admit I've had the odd sideways look at the vacuum cleaner sometimes.
Do you think the vacuum cleaner would work ???

Put the quiche in the cupboard with the weighing scales. My scales are in the middle of my kitchen and I weigh myself about 5,000,000 times a day. So do my friends, some even call round on their way to work for a quick weigh-in and a cuppa (obviously weigh-in first).


Wants to be a loser!
I can be a right little minx when it comes to obessive weighing :whoopass:.
I usually like to get at least 3 goes on the scales a day :eek: - y'know just in case the 6 plus stone I have lost jumped back on when I was not looking ;).

When I was sole sourcing I found that sometimes the scales would drop a little every day but sometimes my weight would stay put for days and I would be left thinking I would have a pants result at my official cdc weigh in and randomly I would have lost couple of pounds literally overnight - so letmeout it is possible that you may still have a good loss between now and weigh in.

Just remember if you are sticking to the plan 100% you will be losing weight even if you are not seeing it on the scales just yet :).

Maybe you could set yourself a little no-weigh challenge over the weekend?

Good luck for tuesday xx
I weigh every morning always have done since starting CD, I found it varied, at the beginning it used to come off almost daily but then sometimes it would be nothing for five days or so and then a sudden drop. If it's getting you down try to stay off them for a few days hun.



Silver Member
I too weight my self morning and night and other times when I might be passing .I find that I can go a few days with no change then lose 1lb a day for 4 days or I have a week of lossing a bit everyday but small amounts dont worry too much about them moving they do seem to stall every now and then but I always have big losses the weeek after xxxxxx
Ah-so I am not alone! Have decided to really stay off tillofficial weigh day this week.
And if I haven't lost much I'll be borrowing Mrs B's vaccum !!


Totally Focused
The mind boggles, Letmeout!! Visions of you with the vacuum cleaner........!! :eek:

I weigh every morning first thing after the loo, with no clothes on! I often find the scales stay still for several days then suddenly they go down 2 or 3 lbs by the next morning!

Just stick to it, drink the water - and the weight just has to come off!

Take care
I'm a morning time weigher, couldn't bear to weigh myself later in the day after consuming water etc... My mood is often ruled by the scales so to get a higher reading would be off putting for me and would lead to eating what I shouldn't be.

Mrs B

Silver Member
Well I lost a pound and a quarter which is more than I expected. Yay! I know some people would be disappointed with that but I just keep thinking what I'd have to do at WW etc to get that 1 1/4lbs off and I'm happy. It'll come off eventually coz it can only be water.

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