I will shake this weight!

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    Shake that weight
    Hi all, well everything arrived today to start tomorrow, I am new to shake that weight but not to vlcd, I previously 3 1/2years ago did Cambridge and went from 14st4lb to 10st10lb an amazing achievement for me, but didn't last ? and now weighing in at 15st3lbs it's time to kick this weight and for good this time, I feel hideous, I want to fit comfortably in clothes I like again, to be happy, because right now I feel very low which for my character is completely not like me. Well I guess that's it, intro over, I'm nikki by the way ?
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  3. myvlcdtime

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    Hi Nikki, I think a lot of us are in the same boat and that helps so much. I wanted to wish you lots of luck and you can do it and keep it off :) :) :)
  4. MummyNurse

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    Hey Nikki, lots if us on here in the same boat, lots of support and laughs if you need them, you can do this the first 3/4 days are the hardest x

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    Shake that weight
    Hi Nicki, I hope u are shaking the weight still......we all know how hard it is.....im on day 2.....the shakes are so yummy

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