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I will win this fight against the flab!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Well today is the first day I've struggled with the diet so I thought I'd start a diary!!!

My name is becki, I'm 29 and pretty much been fat since I can remember!!! I have a brilliant supportive partner and we have a wonderful 7 year old son!!!

I never used to be bothered about my weight (and I mean that) because I've got people around me who love me for who I am and my attitude to people to small minded people is simply, don't like it don't look!!!

But.......the last few years (prob 7) I've found myself wanting to fight it, I have a child that I want to watch grow older and give me grand children and so on and so on!!!

I've tried sw ww and just plain healthy eating as well as exercise but always think I'm entitled to a treat after losing a little!! The best I've ever managed to lose is 1 1/2 st at the beginning of this year but soon put at least half of that back on!!!

I have pcos so it does make it more difficult to lose weight but it can still be lost albeit a tad slower than usual!!!

I done 9 days of attack and lost 9 1/2lb which is amazing. Since I've done 1/1 ratio as recommended but I've found myself hungry on pp days!!! I don't understand why :(

I'm hoping this will pass soon because after today I def found it easier during attack which I don't think many people will say that!!!

Any motivational words of wisdom would go down great right now please!!!
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** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to meet you properly becks...

As I think I just typed to you on another thread, you really needn't be hungry on this diet, so I can only presume you need to be eating more protein. Try joining in the menu thread, if you can. There are many diaries on here now so it's not always easy to get around all of them, so we encourage particularly new people to post on the daily menu thread.

What do you do for a living Becks? Can you have a mid afternoon snack? What sort of times do you take your meals? Any exercise?

Good luck!
I'll try and start posting on the menu thread!!!

I'm a hairdresser so yeah plenty of chances for an afternoon snack!!! In fact I make sure I have something mid morning and afternoon because i have read some where this works for people who suffer from pcos!!! (it actually said 6 small meals a day rather than 3 but I tried that and couldn't do it)

I've sat with my dukan book for the past half hour reading snippets and I'm feeling more focussed than I was yesterday which is brilliant!!!

Also I've realised that since going onto cruise I have been eating any eggs, I was eating at least 2 per day on attack, I'm going to make sure I eat at least 2 today and most days really if I can!!!

I've weighed my self today for the first time since attack and have gained 1/2 lb, I was expecting a gain though as the book suggests so it hasn't upset me!!!!

A typical evening meal of protein is a whole pack 350/450g's of chicken, 2salmon fillets or a huge chunky bit of steak!!! Lunch is again any of the above!!!

I'm thinking of hunting down a good soup recipe for lunch today (pv day) and I'm going to make sone meatballs in a tomato based sauce!!! Yummy :)
Regarding excersise, I dint drive so I do a lot of walking anyway, since starting I have upped my pace as much as poss with a 7 year old boy in tow and I often just go for a walk over in the field which I did nit do pre dukan!!! Other than that I don't do any excersise, I have a wii at home and love to do zumba on the wii but we are currently living at my father in laws as we are refurbishing our house!!

I used to do zumba classesbut because my partner is working on our house till late at night I have noone to have my child, plus I don't think I'd have the energy to do so on dukan!!!
Today has gone very well, actually quite chuffed about how it's gone because normally if I'd seen a gain I'd cry but today I was expecting it (not through cheating just because the book says it could happen at start of cruise) Even if it was half a pound I won't be upset if it's more (not too much more) come official weigh in day (Friday)

Had a hectic day which has helped a lot prob!! We are currently living at my partners dad as we are refurbishing our house (think I may of alreadysaid that sorry) and to be polite about it he is not the easiest person to live with, not to mention his White carpets gulpppp!!!! Things get tense sometimes because we don't want to be here and he doesn't really want us Here!!!! But we get through these things and it will be so worth it when we get home!!!

Done loads of walking today, not all in one go but I've done 4 or 5 half hours which I've walked as fast as I can, I've also just had a huge dinner, asparagus with salmon that had a topping of garlic and tomato puree, I done myself 4 fillets (only managed to eat 3) as I really really don't want to have another pp day like yesterday!!! We shall see though...
Feeling really good today!!! The plasterer has really brought us a huge step closer to getting home and I feel slimmer today!!! I didn't weigh this morning but it feels great for my clothes to be hanging off lol :)
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** Chief WITCH **
YAY! I hear you re living with others. (I'm already dreading an overly long Christmas break at my Dad's. As for white carpets, that's surely asking for trouble!!).

Hope you're doing well, and aren't hungry at all! I love salmon too :D
Exactly, what possessed him to get White carpets I will never know but we've had no accidents as yet thank god!!! He goes away on Friday for a month so things will be much easier!!!

I was quite hungry when i woke but was satisfied with my porridge andI wouldn't say I'm hungry now but I'm starting to really look forward to tonight's dinner even though I haven't decided what I'm having tonight yet lol!!!

It may be in my head but I feel like my tummy has shrunk a little even since this morning :)
Oh boy am I happy happy happy today!!!

Just weighed my self and after putting on half a pound by tues I have lost 4lb since then taking my total loss in 2weeks and 1day to 13lb!!! :) I'm ecstatic about it!!! Had a little kitchen dance and everything when I skipped off the scales woohoooooo!!!! :)


** Chief WITCH **
and that kitchen dance will have burned off some calories too! (Hope you didn't hurt the white carpet though! ;))
So today has gone well, after my triumph on the scales I've been on a high all day!!

It's been a busy day, so much so that I didn't get to eat my lunch till half 4 oopppsssss!!! Normally o would of just waited for dinner but as I know how important it is to eat 3 tines a day I had something then and then delayed dinner till 7, really enjoyed my pv food today!!!

Looking forward to eating my almond muffins that I made for tomorrow!!!

I'm going to resist weighing myself tomorrow because of my pv day and eating late may mean I gained in the morning but I can't wait to get to the 1stone lost :)

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