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I Wish Exante Would Invent ............


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A Tetra :D

Being an ex-CD'er that's the one thing I miss. They are sooooo convenient. I know if we are on the move, out and about we can always have a bar, but I like to keep my bar for my evening 'treat'.

I do prefer Exante actually, but miss the Tetra's :(
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Yes - I used to do SF and miss the ready made drinks. They would be so handy. Ive tried making mine up in the morning and taking them out in a bottle but they never seem quite right (And I dont always have the time anyway)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yeah, the problem is you need to drink them within 15 minutes of being made up or they lose all their nutrients apparently.
Lol i quite like the bars!! the choc and orange one anyway as am bit of a chocolate fiend! hate the strawberry milkshake think it tastes like chalk! x
Same here. I resent having to have a bar if I'm out *humph*
What is a tetra? tried googling it but just comes up with a load of stuff about goldfish! x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Rob, Cambridge Diet (CD) do a ready made 'shake' in a carton, just the size of a small carton of juice, which is dead convenient. No making up, drink on the go etc. They do them in Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry. They are so handy for when you are out for the day or just don't have the time to make a real shake or soup etc. Some people had only 3 tetra's a day. Wish Exante would do them though as like I said I like to save my bar as my treat.


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If you make these shakes up in advance they don't lose all the nutrients, but some of them will degrade. I think it's a bit like microwaving, it's probably ok if you do it for one a day, but not all of them. There's someone on here, can't remember who, that makes up a shake in the morning and puts it in a thermos to have later. I guess it's just finding what work for you.
Exante and all the other VLCDs say you shouldnt do this at all. They state the nutrients DO deteriorate and all shakes etc should be taken within 15 mins of making. Someone on here did say they did that but stopped after finding out its not recommended.

Personally I wouldnt risk it. This diet is so tightly structured I wouldnt take the chance.. not when Exante and co all say NOT to do it.
Oh yes tetras are great, miss them and the choice of flavours with cd, but Exante is easier without the counsellor, and cheaper, always a bonus :0))

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Exante say that after 15 mins the taste and texture change however nutrients are only lost with extreme temperatures ie using boiling water

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Dear all
I take soup to work every work day in a flask - it suits me. it tastes fine. I have found that shakes do lose taste, flavour and texture so I mix them and drink within the specified 15 minutes.
I am not aware of any ill effects, in fact the soups taste fine and I feel great!! Very well in fact.
For me it is what works, soup in a flask works for me. I know that somewhere it was recommended that they are drunk straight away. But its up to you, best to drink fresh but better to store than not eat something loaded with calories, me I take a soup.
I cannot find any scientific evidence to support the 'rule' of no flask. Clearly they are best mixed and swallowed. Microwaving and boiling is likely to be far more damaging of vitamin and mineral content.

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