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I won, I won!!!!!


This is the last time!!
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Don't know if many saw in yesterdays daily thread, but I had a SERIOUS wobble last night. My CDC's order was 'messed up' and she probably wont have my stuff until Monday of next week (we live in Germany, hubby's in forces), so when she told me this I just though, screw it, I'll quit now then.

Well, I won't tell you the number of times I walked to the kitchen about to binge. 2 crying fits, a massively sulky evening, one pack of chewing gum all gone, and my nails bitten to the quick, BUT! I won. I didnt eat a single thing.

The trouble is, I still dont know if I'll be able to continue after today. My CDC is trying to source me some shakes from another client who didnt like them but it doesnt look hopeful.

And this past week has been SO hard, I'm not emotionally strong enough to go through it all again so soon, so have told her if she can't source me anything, I will be stopping. I dont want to be messing my poor body/hormones/emotions around any more than I have to, and I think 4 days of eating, irrespective of how healthily I do it, then going back to SS wont be good for me, especially as I am still hugely concerned about hairloss.

So, we'll see how things go I guess. Plus side being, on my scales this morning I have lost a further 3lbs from my weigh in (also on my scales) on Monday, meaning a total of 15lbs in 9 days. That's gotta be enough to make me smile, despite the uncertainty.
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Hey Jabba,
WELL DONE HON.. thats fantastic that you kept strong and didnt cave in and have food... You should be very proud of yourself especially in the circumstances. I think its so bad that you cant get the shakes etc you need especially as you have just started is there no way that your cdc will be able to get her order sooner, its such a shame that you might have to stop especially as you are doing so well..
Speak to her and find out when she can get it I know here if my CDC puts in an order it can arrive the next day..
Chin up hon and I hope it all works out for you xx


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Well done hun! I'm not sure if I would have been as strong as you in the same circumstances.

If the shakes don't arrive until next week maybe you could eat low carb until then so you don't get out of ketosis at least. Maybe focus on soups (chicken / veg soup etc) and veggies and it might not be too hard on your body.

Of course you know your body best and must do whatever is right for you but as you have already proved how strong you are it might be worth digging deep and try and get through the next few day as well.

I'm sure it will all work out whatever you choose to do - Will keep my fingers crossed that the packs turn up early!!


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Jabba, I dont think you are wobbling, I think you are incredibly strong just now. Well done resisting the nibbles you have overcome these demons a couple of times since starting so you know you can do it.
If it comes to the worst and you cant get packs you know you can move up the plan for a few days until they arrive.
You and I started last year and we have similar amounts to lose to get to our goals. Lets stay strong and get through to goal once and for all.


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Well done you... You have been so strong.

If you can't get your CD stuff, can you get Slimfast shakes and bars out there to tide you over until your next delivery? It has helped me and isn't too different for a few days.

Good luck with whatever you manage, but whatever, DON'T GIVE UP!


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