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I would like to start Xenical.


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Hi Ladies,

After doing alot of research on Xenical I think this could be a great way for me to lose weight. I am desperate to lose weight. I am 21 years old and nearly 23 stones! :mad: :sigh:

I really need to shift this extra person I am carrying. I was doing slimming world and lost weight at first then started putting it on. Then I tried atkins, but found it very hard to follow.

I just hope my Dr see's it the same way I do. I mean, surely being ''MORBIDLY OBESE'' and being so commited will work? We will see. I am currently not following any diet as such, but I do go to the gym 3-4 times a week for a few hours.

PiiNK_PuNkStarr x You have given me so much motivation, I have just finished watching your vids on Youtube... I hope to be telling a similar story one day!

Fingers crossed!
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Hello, and welcome :)
It sounds like you're really motivated, and really determined to do this....I just hope your GP agrees and prescribes the Xenical. As you'll already know, they don't take the hard work out of it, but they do give you a helping hand to lose the weight and to stay on the straight and narrow! I was taking Xenical for a year, a while back, and got down to my lightest ever weight on them, so I know they work!

If you're gonna go to your GP, I'd try writing a food diary for as long as you can beforehand, and make a note of how much weight you're losing. Some doctors will prescribe Xenical straight away, but others prefer you to lose some weight yourself beforehand just to prove you can do it.

My GP also asked me to fill in a food diary to show to the nurse before I was prescribed the tablets, just to prove that I did undertstand how to eat within the 5% fat rule. I think was just reassurance for them to know that they wouldn't be sending me away with the tablets, only for me to get severe side effecs because I wasn't doing it properly!
Having said that, I think my doctors are extra careful and I've not heard of anybody else being asked to do that.

So...have you booked an appointment yet, or are you still mulling it over? If you've got any questions just ask away :D


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Hi Alex, Thankyou for the reply!

I already have a food diary for upto 2 weeks of what I have been eating. I havent made the appointment yet but will be giving the a tinkle tomorrow! My mum has some xenical she is going to be giving me but she only has about 30 capsules, I dont want to start taking them and then have the Dr say no and having run out, so I will go to my appt. hopefully, they will either prescribe them to me, or ask me to lose a bit and come back, during which time I can use the ones my Mum gives me...

There was one question, how much are they? I just wanted to know to fit it in with my budget or stop having something else, such as my monthly make up blow out :p

This group seems very warm and friendly, I really hope I get prescribed to join you all!


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I think it depends on your doctor

I got up the guts to make an appointment. Just said that I wanted to see if they could help me lose some weight (I was 21st). Even if it was just like coming to see a nurse and getting some kind of diet plan

it was actually the doctor who suggested xenical (although at first was "of course we have diet nurse" - how was I supposed to know?)

You're definitely in the BMI for it anyway and they've withdrawn the other prescription drug. So xenical is the only one available.

if you live the in the UK the pills are prescribed so it's the cost of a prescription.


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To be honest, I'd think very carefully before taking medication that wasn't prescribed for you. Only your GP knows your medical history so he/she should be the only one to prescribe the Xenical for you. And in actual fact, 30 capsules is only 10 days worth, so in my opinion it isn't worth the risk.
It's up to you obviously, and I'm not trying to lecture, but if you do decide to take the ones prescribed for your mum, just make sure they're still in date. It should tell you on the box.

Right. Lecture over :D Xenical prescribed in the UK costs just the price of your prescription, so about £7.20ish I think, but free if you're on certain benefits. Alli, the half strength version is available from the chemists without prescription but it's a LOT more expensive...about 30-40 quid a month I think (but someone will correct me if I'm wrong).

I really hope your GP is willing to help you with this and prescribes you Xenical. Why not tell him/her that you've done your research, joined this forum etc? At least then they'll know that you're fully informed and determined to make it work for you.
Let us know how you go on, and if you think of anything else you'd like to know, then just ask :D


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Good luck at the doctors today
I really cant see why they would not prescribe to you unless there are underlying health issues (good reason not to take what your Mum gives you until you have your own script - then you will have a few in hand if you cant get to an appointment)
I have health issues and asked for a change in meds but the doc suggested xenical to me - I did my research before filling the script and I am starting today
take your food diary with you to the doctors - if you have a good relationship with your doctor then they may take that as the evidence they need to start you on the meds without the official weigh and back to prove you have lost weight

H xxx
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Hi Boo_Boo!

Well i am also 21 and weighing in at 22 1/2 stones currently. I am due to have my second child tomorrow!! After putting on a whopping 2 1/2 stone during pregnancy! So i hope to lose a good 10lbs from this little one finally making an appearence.

I was on Reductil before i fell pregnant & now its been withdrawn i hope the doc will prescribe me Xenical, So fingers crossed I may be joining you in a few weeks.

It all depends on whether it is safe whilst breastfeeding or not, it doesnt seem to be an issue as the stuff sits in your tummy rather than floating all around but we shall see!

Selfishly want to breastfeed as its a burn of atleast 500 cals a day & cheaper than formula milk!

I'd had enough of my size before i fell pregnant and was slowly losing weight which i have now put back on and then some, so feel motivated enough to make some changes & start getting my life back :)

Good Luck at the docs xx
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if you live the in the UK the pills are prescribed so it's the cost of a prescription.
I wonder if anyone knows if its possible for me to fill my prescriptions in the UK?

I live in Ireland and I'm currently paying €120/month for my prescriptions...and as I'm unemployed, and not entitled to any benefits, that hurts, big time!

For what its worth, I am British...I have an NI number, British passport, heck I still vote in the UK elections, I worked there and paid my UK taxes before I moved to Ireland.

Is it as simple as posting my prescriptions over to my mum in the UK? Or will the chemists only want scripts from Uk doctors?


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I asked my friend about this the other weekend. He lives in Ellesmere port, which is very near the Welsh border where prescriptions are free.
Apparently his partner tried taking his prescription over the border to try getting it filled for free, but they wouldn't do it. He got his prescription but had to pay the £7.20 or whatever it is. It turns out that prescriptions are charged according to which PCT your prescribing GP belongs to, rather than where you take your prescription.
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I have stackfuls of xenicals medication , i decided not to take them anymore as the side effects aren't vey nice. but if u stick to low fats food you dont have no problem. ask the doctor that u want themi think u need to lose 5% on your own first. i took reductil and Acomplia but both have been taken off the market , good luck
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Starbucks... have you lost that 10lbs yet?? Good luck with the feeding- i just checked the leaflet in my box and it says you can't have xenical whilst breastfeeding. The 500 cals used per day should help you though.
Good luck with little one!!
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Hi Slimmersoon, No the 10lbs is still tightly wedged in my tummy and just getting bigger! Going into hospital on friday where it will be forced out one way or another hehe!

Bummer about not being able to do it whilst BF, I don't know how long i'll feed for I failed miserably with my first but there wasnt much support for us then, alot more support in my area now!

Poog - My OH (was a cambridge dieter many moons ago now) Has been to see the GP, and has got to lose 6lbs in a fortnight to be allowed on the tablets. He's got an appointment with the Nurse whilst he's off on his Paternity leave.

We've been out and brought the right kinds of food anyway. I was delighted that Muller Rices were on offer in Asda, And am following the Xenical diet loosely-ish at the moment, As my pregnancy cravings for PB&J sandwiches are impossible to resist at the moment!

OH is doing well though, I'm very proud of him. I cooked us a vegi Stir-fry last night which I enjoyed & he didnt, so he ended up having crunchie nut cornflakes for tea! Whilst I was a piggy and scoffed his stir-fry :(

Ive actually been very surprised by the amount and variety of foods you can still eat following the less than 5g per 100g - 15g per meal rule!

Now the good weather is starting to come through I generally eat healthier anyway there's something about eating outdoors means i eat lots more salads etc...

Watching this section of the forum with much interest and will attempt to get Poog to introduce himself over the next few days.

Lovely to see your weight losses going so well! Keep up the good work I will join eventually!
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Good luck with Fridays eviction and the diet.
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