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Peggy McParrot
I've been on Cd now for 6 weeks and in that time have been suffering with IBS. I've had it for 15 years... I don't take meds for it as mostly it is not a major problem, well untill I started this diet.
Fibre 89 doesn't work for me, tried psyillium husk. So at the weekend had to use my fibre and vit drink, which has loads of fibre and vits in, but also carbs and 120 cals......
I spoke to my cdc today and she is gonna try to get some advice from CD, but wondered if any one else suffers with this and what they have done to help...I hate being constantley in pain, and if this continues will have to move up the plans, or even stop CD..
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Ro Laren

7st 11lbs down ...
I find Buscopan IBS Relief, available from chemists, to be really effective. I don't know whether there are any CD contra-indications though.
Although I don't have irritable bowel syndrome per se, I do really suffer from dumping syndrome, which was caused by having my gallbladder out 9 years ago. I've found that since I've been on Cambridge, that problem has become pretty bad. I've started eating a few veggies every day, and that seems to help a lot!

Sorry you are suffering, there's nothing fun about IBS or similar problems.

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
I have IBS - how much water are you drinking? also I find if I use Buscopan it works....I am finding the opposite effect though in as much as my IBS has died down dramatically since starting CD, but I do have flair ups, especially if I leave to long a gap between meals.....i.e one in the morning and none until 7/8 at night.


Peggy McParrot
thanks guys.
I drink 3 to 4 litres a day, so plenty of water. Been told by head office to buy a soluable fibre thats a preventative, will try at chemist tomorrow...but the buscopan sounds good to try. really want this sorted cos i don't want to stop doing cd...


Peggy McParrot
No, chemist had no idea what that was, bugger.......


Peggy McParrot

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