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IBS impact on SW?


I will succeed!!!
Morning lovelies.

Well, I changed doctors after getting nothing but 'come back if it keeps bothering you' and what a difference!

I had bloods taken yesterday and she has listed a bunch of other tests to do in the next few weeks. But, this is to eliminate other possibles to see if her feeling (and mine) is right that it's IBS.

1 - I get worse pains when stressed
2 - I get worse pains after coffee
3 - my *cough* system is messed up
4 - I have felt tired and cranky (more than usual ;) )
5 - I have been uberly bloated for weeks now

So...if she is right and it is, she said I follow a certain diet. I googled what to not eat and got the following:

Foods to Avoid

Avoid foods high in fast releasing sugars such as unrefined grains, confectionary, cakes and biscuits. Avoid raw vegetables, salads and raw fruit.

Avoid saturated fats from red meat and dairy food, as these tend to exacerbate the symptoms of IBS.

Avoid protein from red meat and unfermented dairy foods as these tend to be inflammatory due to the saturated fat content.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea and sugary carbonated drinks.

So...how does anyone else work this with SW? I am happy to avoid a lot of that...but the killer is the raw fruits and veggies!!! I know veggies are mostly cooked, but my snacks are usually fruits and carrots sticks etc. Isn't it bad to replace with too much bread/other carbs? Gah!!!

Help! :confused::confused:
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I wonder if its more a case of finding the triggers of "raw fruit and vegetables" Hun, rather than eliminating them all??
I dont have this trouble and Im sure someone with more knowledge will post, but I didnt want to read and run.
Im pretty certain that there are people that suffer with IBS do continue with the SW plan, but they adapt like anything else.
Hope you find your answers soon.

Take care



Champion actifryer
I'd say you need to experiment a bit - it surely can't be ALL raw veg & fruit? Stick to the basics as laid out for a few days and then introduce, say, a certain fave fruit or something and see if it has any impact. Although IBS is a general condition, everyone's body is different.
Good luck


I will succeed!!!
Thanks guys -

It makes sense to trial run them. Afterall, I've noticed the pains since July and by then I'd been on plan a while - surely I'd have felt the pains earlier when I upped my fruits etc? Plus, I've always been a big fruit eater!

It does seem odd - I mean, high fat diets are not good for IBS and that's now changed...so it seems a bit weird that it's now and not before. But as you said, every body is different!

I can handle the loss of coffee etc, it's the bloating and stuff that's bothering me. I'm finding losses really hard recently too despite being on plan like I usually am.

Does anyone try the IBS tablets from chemists? Dr didn't recommend them as a day to day solution and I agree, cause I don't want to rely on pills - never have.



Not such a fat kat now :)
Everybodys triggers are personal but I find that alternate days of red and green is perfect and I get less IBS when I follow SW plan. It goes in phases though. You will have a bad few weeks/months but then it will settle down and not bother you for months. Go with the flow (not a pun sorry) and you'll work it out. Stressing over what you eat will only aggravate the condition.

I suffer from IBS too and don't worry it's managable with SW. It is a case of trial and error for a while. I have found that I can eat a small amount of fruit at work but not much but can eat it freely at home. I think its to do with me being more stressed at work that at home so the fruit is more likely to set me off there. I haven't found a prob with carbs or meat apart from it making me a bit windy :sign0007:

I have found that chewing sugar free gum makes me really bloated though and I avoid too much dairy.

Feel free to PM me if you wanna chat more. IBS is very frustrating and I find it good to talk to someone who knows what its like

Personally, if you can leave the pills alone, I would and try and find out what foods are better suited to you.
I dont like taking tablets either and would rather avoid caffeine than suffer headaches etc.
With my gastric band, I cant have fizzy drinks as they make me bloat, but I open a can of pop and let it go flat...still drink it cold, but its flat.


I will succeed!!!
Thanks all - good to know others on here have it. I'll wait til the Dr confirms it but in he meantime I'll trial and error stuff. I have done this to an extent already but nothing seemed to be clear other than coffee...thanks - will have a think xxx


is getting better at it
i have ibs and i suffered for years, i done the dr route and writing everything down and came up with a lot of trigger foods and in the end i thought it was to much yeast in my diet so i cut out all my fav things for 4-6 weeks. ie mushrooms grapes fruit bread and basically anything that had yeast in it, but the pain was still there then i gave up the pepsi max which i was having 2 litres a day and things got so much better i could eat all the other things again.
now when i have the pepsi max which is not often i am in pain the next day
hope this makes sense


Trying again!!!
I have IBD (crohn's Disease) and IBS so constantly have to watch what I eat. I limit my coffee and fizzy drinks and also prefer to eat little and often. Wheat and yeast used to be big culprits for me along with stress. I eliminated both wheat and yeast from my diet for 3 months and gradually introduced them again and am now fine with both of them. I do find peppermint tea very good as it soothes my tummy. To be honest since starting SW my symptoms have improved, I eat much more fruit now so I guess it is just an individual thing. Hope you get sorted soon hun xx
It differs with everyone so for alot of people it's trial and error. I suffered for a long time before I went to the doctor only to be told I had IBS and there really is no treatment or magical pill LOL

I find there are certain trigger foods that I cannot eat without being in agony so try to avoid them. Caffeine is not a worry thankfully! For me it's untoasted bread, cabbage, and fatty foods, they are all the worst. I don't have trouble with red meat either. I haven't had any problem with sw at all in that aspect. I can do green or red days, but lose better and don't find much bloating on red (sorry if that's TMI)! :)

Good luck honey
Does anyone try the IBS tablets from chemists? Dr didn't recommend them as a day to day solution and I agree, cause I don't want to rely on pills - never have.

I don't like to rely on tablets either, so only use them when I have a flare up as they stop the stomach cramps

I had bloods taken yesterday and my dr is referring me to a dietician as although I was told that I had ibs a while ago I haven't been able to find a trigger. I can eat things one day and be fine and then the next time I have them I can be really rough. I've just kept going with the plan and been putting up with the pain and bloating.

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