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Iced gems are calling me.....am resisting so far!!

This is really a post to vent frustration, I am on day 12 and lost 7lbs last week on SS, I have resisted weighing myself until this morning and was dissapointed to discover so far i have only lost an additional 3lbs :mad: so that definately justifies the no exercise in the first two weeks.......subconsiously (sp) this could have sparked my decline throughout the day and even though i have drank 3 litres i am starving. I have just completed my 2nd shake and always have my choclate shake warm as hot choccie before bed:p but my belly is grumbling like never before which is odd as i have been satisfied food wise until today and now i have just discovered a bag full of mini iced gems in my daughters bedroom that are calling to me through the walls and ceiling to come and scoff me!!! Now i know this would be futile in my "bikini body for Oz" campaign and will not cave into temptation by devils disguised as fingernail sized ooozelisious niceness.....but i am struggling so thought by tapping away here it will keep me on track..cheers for reading ...
Dolly xxx
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Hey dolly, i havent started to CD yet (not until 13th Sept when i see the CDC) but i just wanted to say run, run as fast as you can away from the iced gems, they're evillll lol. No seriously go and put them down the toilet..if you put them in the bin you might go and retrieve them :) You'll feel so proud of yourself in the morning knowing that you didnt cave in. Easy for me to say though, i havent even started the CD yet and i've never even been on it before but it have struggled with weight for years and years and im only 32. Thought i'd give the CD a whirl instead of the normal Scottish Slimmers which is also calorie controlled. xx
Thanks Cazzabella and Determinator

Caz you will love this diet it is so fab!! After the initial 3 day's you settle into the routine really well, like i say today is my first blip day where i am having a temptation. However it is also my TOTM where i usually would eat my body weight in chocolate and wine to make me feel better!!
Determinator: thanks for your piccie showing what 1lb of fat looks like....it has made me put it all in perspective and keeping it real :) I would never have lost 10lbs in 12 day's on any other diet so should be proud of what i have currently achieved....I am going to look at that picture every week and imagine them building up.
Dolly x
yeah i might stick that picture on every cupboard door in the house for when im having a weak moment because im pretty sure i'll have many of those days to come. This website is fab for support. You've done fab 10 lbs in 12 days, i hope i have the same sort of loss when i finally get started. Well done, keep up the good work :) xx

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