ICEMOOSE.. guide me


hello ice moose.... i have to loss around 60 pounds to reach BMI of 25. its my 10th day of SS... 1st week i loss around 6 pounds... second week till now no loss.... and it seems i have gained 6 pounds which i lost in 1st week... and suggest me i have to do any sort of excercise.... and how much time it would take to reach my desired weight..

please reply.. ice moose... thanks in advance
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Hiya Lali

Have you eaten in the 2nd week as a 6 pound gain would indicate that you probably had?

It isn't unheard of to have a slow week in the 2nd week but everything usually settles down in week 3, just remember that you will lose weight on this diet, it works for everyone and when the scales stop moving this is due to water retention and other factors, it isn't that you aren't losing fat.

In terms of exercising the advice I always give is that the exercise should be conversational, i.e. you should be able to talk perfectly normally while doing it so examples would be walking, gentle swimming, yoga, pilates, toning and stretching exercises and generally getting more active without going mad at it, if you do much cardio work then you will find your weight loss plateaus and you usually feel like you have flu!

Give your CDC a ring for a chat as they are there to support you especially through the first couple of weeks while you get into the diet but hang in there, this is life changing stuff and you will be slim if you just keep glugging the water and eating the packs.



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Lalitak, Did you weigh at a different time, you need to weigh in the morning after the toilet, if you weigh in the morning and then again in the evening then you could be 6lbs heavier as water weighs a lot, this happened to me once.


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But are you using 2 sets of scales, yours and your counsellors ? You should stick to one set of scales and get weighed at roughly the same time every week. Jumping on and off different scales can be misleading and depress you.