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Id say i fell off the waggon....

Bad. Burger, chips and chicken nuggets! X
Keep going chick, I fall off the wagon but chase after it. The hardest run is chasing that wagon.
But there will come a time when that wagon pulls up to your stop and you can step off with your head held high. And you can stand there and watch that wagon pull away knowing it is taking your excess baggage with it.

Anyone who says this diet is easy is a liar lol, some people have that inner focus to just knuckle down until they reach their goal, others will have that little demon who overrides the good thoughts and makes us bad, I know I sure do! But in order to beat this demon we need to pick our selves up and run, and reach for that wagon jump back on and hold on tight, there are going to be bumps in the road that make some of us fall off but aslong as you don't stay down, just keep aiming for that goal weight and in time we will all get there.

Don't give up hun!!!
I fell off the wagon too, felt really guilty about it so I went out for an half hour walk when daughter was in bed for next three nights until my weigh in and still lost 5.5lbs. (mine was burger too...ooops)xxx
You've been given some sound advice by the others. I'm sure that most of us have been there & done that. I know that I have :sigh:

The hardest part now is getting straight back onto the diet and battling with getting into ketosis all over again.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice again folks... Where would i be without you lot? :)

I was back on immediately, had all my water still and had a shake for tea. Weighed myself this morning and only put 1/2lb on phew!

So by weigh in tomorrow ill prob have managed 9lbs this week! Xx
Just DO IT Batlo! Otherwise you will follow my footsteps and put more weight on only to keep re-trying and failing and come back here months later!

GET BACK on the waggon! And PLEASE! Send me the same cheeky post when I fall off! though I am really going to try HARD not to!
Kira said:
Eeks Sorry Batlo! I missed your post saying you'd got back on! Well done. Feel free to nag me any time!
Ha ha i will :) x
SurreySuperTrooper said:
No need to apologise but goodness me how can you lose that much when you've cheated?!

It's just not fair ;) I'm so jealous x
Im lucky really as i do lose quickly and easily when i try. Im quite active for a chubster though so could be why! Xx
SurreySuperTrooper said:
But I thought that exercise may slow down the loss on SS due to the reduced calories?

No matter, glad that you can lose the weight quickly & easily :)
I think its introducing exercise that can do it? Could be wrong x

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