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Idea I wanted to share with you all!

Hi there!

I am new to this forum, however I am not new to SW! I have done it several times before, and something has always gone 'wrong' along the line. I am rejoining tomorrow night, and am feeling the most positive I have ever felt about joining, for many reasons...

I was trying to do some menu planning, and have 2 weeks plans ready so I can hit the ground running. I came up with a fun way to get some variety in to the menus...

Firstly, I listed every meal I could think of that I would like to eat (and would realistically cook), along with any snack ideas and Syns. I wrote down next to each one whether it was a Healthy Extra or how many Syns it had.

I then put all of these ideas into a grid on Word, printed them off, and cut each square out.

I then did a sheet on Word with columns for Monday to Sunday, and down the left hand side had rows for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack/pudding, and total Syns. I printed a couple of these off.

I then put all of the little squares in a box, and pulled one out at a time at random, and placed them on the sheet. And voila! Sounds a bit mad, but it's such a fun way to get variety!!! I now have two weeks worth of menus that have been mixed and matched, and was easy to play around with ideas without writing them all down!

Anyway...I hope my crazy idea doesn't sound too crazy lol!

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Sounds like a really good idea!
I second that, might give this a go!
Should have said this before - one of the reasons I've done this is because last time, I found it quite difficult to plan ahead, whilst filtering in variety, and quite often I'd think of a menu for the day but then realise I'd used too many Healthy Extras, or I had gone over with the Syns - I found this method today so easy, as you can play around with your choices before writing it all down!
I did one that was much the same. Got a not book and cut each page 3 times to make 4 tabs. Do this across the whole book. Then write breakfasts in the top one, the lunches in the next one, then dinners. Bottom tab for snacks. Then you can pick out all your meals for the day.
Great idea, I'm gonna give that a go! :)
Love that idea divvy! Excellent ideas!

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