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Ideal dinner guest

I would take Gordon Ramsay. In hope he could come up with some interesting recipes with the foodpacks! hahaha!


Serial Foodie!
mine would be stephen fry as well. oooo and paul o'grady...i absolutely adore them. ooo and Eddie Izzard...would be a very interesting evening :)


Gold Member
All the above and Ramsey to cook eh, cool
I'd take wok gong( sorry can't remember his name but the shows called " how to look good naked" that his in) I think he would be soooooo much fun.


Gold Member
I would definatly not invite David Guest ( Celeb get me out)
He makes my skin crawl :( :D


Derren Brown.

Fascinating, intelligent (can you just imagine the conversation?), and extremely hot to boot.


The Diet Guy
I would take out Robbie Williams to find out if he really is as troubled as the papers make out.
^ I'd take Robbie williams because hes hot! lol


Radix lecti
Sean Pertwee, god i could listen to that voice all night and the view is not too bad either ;)

Although he may find me drooling into my food not too attractive (and i mean over him, not because i could actually get to eat smething decent :D)


Ooh Sally, damn good choice!


Serial Foodie!
lmao sal! he is rather dishy! i'd take robbie out but i think i'd give him more troubles than the gutter press could ever imagine....yum!!!


Bye bye bellies!!!
Peter Kay or Billy Connolly - love them both and I couldnt eat much for laughing!



Serial Foodie!
gawd yeah! i love billy as well. he sees beauty in everything but can turn on the wit so quickly. he'd be lovely!!
Johnny Depp to make him fall in love with me and marry me, hehe.

I would also like to meet Stephen Fry to discuss being Bipolar.

Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali, just so i could be in the presence of greatness.
maybe Ben Stiller, because he would have me in stitches, ooo, and Lilly Allen because shes just ace :)

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
I would take James Hetfield just coz he's James Hetfield....Hot!

Like Mike I would Robbie Williams just to find out if he's really is as troubled as the papers say.....

And Jack black coz he'd make me laugh....xxx
I think Robbie needs a good down to earth woman to ease his troubles,
OOOOOOOOOO that would have to be me, Mrs sazzy williams :eek:
:D:Dwent to concert last year he was fab

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